Things I Can’t Unsee

This is EXACTLY the sort of thing you want to see before heading off to your vaginalyzer, ain’t it?  *sigh*

In other news, Thom has taken to calling me “She Who’s Uterus Will Soon Fit a Football.” Uncle. (Get it?  Uncle?  Uncle Thom and his stinky cabin?  Also why is this post still happening?  I don’t think I can take anymore.  Said my uterus. Yet somehow this post is still happening.) *drops keyboard and runs*

*sprints back and picks up keyboard*

I wrote more mess over at Sprocket about how St. Patty’s day sucks.  But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t still drink an entire keg on my behalf.

*drops keyboard again, considers running but realizes excessive panting is probably not a good thing, wheezes out front door and forgets keys*


  1. It must be because my uterus isn’t bedazzled with a parasite, but I though grandma was threatening to cut off her own air supply to get what she wanted!

    Seriously, whose grandma doesn’t?

  2. Yes, fallingdowndrunk Hoboken has soured me on St Pats for life. I had to tell my kids the whole town was suddenly just having an inner ear problem.

  3. Tell Thom when he can pass a football through his urethra he can snark about your nether regions.

  4. that’s obviously not grandman palin.

    can’t wait to check you out over at sprocket ink. looks like they have an uber talented crew.

  5. Did you have that exam where they can’t lubricate you, but they put the fucking speculum up there without it and then swab you?

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