There’s Uke Here If You Look Hard Enough

You know that saying about not having anything nice to say?


So I’m a little crabby.  Maybe I’ve been a little crabby for a while.  But this week has just left me extra brittle and busted.  Like Lilo’s crotch.

Sorry Lilo.  See?!?!  I’m already ruining my resolve to be nice today.  I’d just like to make it one week without an infection in either a boob or an eye.

In case you, too, are wallowing in a funk, here are a few happy thoughts to focus on:

  • Yes we DO dare to dream of Doctor Horrible Two.
  • My mom, Pegger the Kegger, celebrates another birthday tomorrow with a bunch of her girlfriends.  So I can look forward to a slew of drunken texts from phone numbers I don’t recognize.
  • Vaginas always win.
  • Even though I’m out of beer and peanut butter cups, I have wine and cookie dough.  Dinner is already made.

….and for you fellas – or just fans of boobs in general – here’s an extra special uke video.  Also?  Not me.  Those things don’t appear to be leaking.

Now don’t we all feel better? Happy MFBT!


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