The Ukeagy

The Lonon clan has descended on Maryland in anticipation of this weekend’s Great Gwatification, so I tricked my little brother into joining in on my ukulele fun.  Turns out he learned four whole chords over the course of our four and half hour drive.  For those of you not good with math, that’s almost a chord an hour!  He’s a regular ukeagy, I tell you.

I’m so very sorry for what you’re about to watch.

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  1. I swear they keep “forgetting” to fix the speakers on my computer at work on purpose! I’ll have to come back and watch it again (of COURSE I watched it even without sound!) when I’m home, reinforcing the ass-groove in my couch. Come on 5 o’clock!

    PS, I could hug both of you! Adorable!

  2. you are just the cutest thing ever. what a great gwatification song! and tom is adorable, too.

    i teared up a little. okay, i’m PMSing and my daughter left for college this week, but you really warmed my cold heart.

  3. You are the cutest! Both of you! I need to find a way to get married again so I can have you at my wedding! (I guess you could do my funeral too but that kind of misses the point…) The cute YouTube Duo RockyandBalls finally have their match!

  4. OMJ, I was so mesmerized by this! I want to favorite it! So freakin’ cute! I just want to lick the screen. My brother and I do a great acoustic version of Look What the Cat Dragged In. HA! *sarcastic vagina face*

  5. Our whole family is flipping out about this. You even got the resounding approval of Il Duce.
    If you don’t get time to practice IRONMAN could you do Ted Nugents Cat Scratch Fever? I was inspired by Shawn’s feline idea.
    If you need me to bring you a vodka in Maryland just call me and I’ll be there.
    have fun!!!!!!

  6. I must have missed this because I was at the hospital with Molly. I wish I’d seen it, it would surely have cured her!! Too cute!

    I hope my kids have an awesome relationship like you and Tom do when they are older. You guys rock!!


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