The Uke of the Tiger

We interrupt today’s uke-age with a brief bout of self promotion – seeing as how I just sent over the official book proposal to Shawna the Wonder Agent, I have to beg you (at least) one more time to become a fan of the Lymphomania Facebook page before she starts pounding the proverbial streets.  Yes, I know we’re all indignant about Mr. Zuckerberg’s insistence at changing things, but at least he hasn’t gone all Tom and mandated that we all he his friend, right?  So do it for the ponies.  Or the children.  Or the Kardashians.  Or whatever gets you motivated to click “like” on the internet.

Now that THAT’s out of the way, let’s get on to the uke-ing.  You can blame Joules over at Lucid Lotus Life for this one.  She’s on a bit of a Survivor bender.

And yes, Paul is totally muscling out Herbert for space over here.

Happy Motherfucking Booze Time.  I’ll be spending the weekend trying to do whatever the opposite of “bed rest” is in the hopes of getting this thing out.  Wish me luck.


  1. I hope you’re recording some of these in advance for the few weeks after Paul is born and you’re too tired to uke…

  2. I’m going to clean up my act today as the last fourteen comments I’ve left for you have been borderline obscene and mildly bizarre. In light of my new family friendly demeanor and squeaky clean image I’d like to raise my bottled water and say “gee whiz that was swell!”

      1. So, you want the joke about the cream rising to the top? Because you just say the word and I’m all over that like a volcanic jizz explosion.

  3. Set up a lift and pulley system to assist in your attempts to have seksual intercourse. I’m not sure if the actual sex had an effect but the amount we laughed while trying probably did.

    1. I have that effect on people. Don’t worry, if you pour yourself a glass of wine and listen to pretty much any other musical recording (except Ke$ha – that just makes it worse) the sensation will pass. Don’t forget to breathe.

  4. Holy motherfucking shit you are so rad! The mere fact that you can maneuver that uke over what is going on up top is truly impressive.
    It’s kinda cool that EotT will be the last pe-Paul uke vid. Pretty sure it’s an omen of awesome things exiting your vagina in a timely and kickass kind of way.
    P.S. Get out, Paul. I’m buying this chick a flagon of booze.

  5. That song is the bane of my existence though you make it almost sound SWEET! 🙂

    I bet you can’t wait to see your feet again huh. And not feel like you’re carrying a ton of groceries around with you everywhere. And oh yeah! Meet Paul in PERSON!

    Here’s hoping he comes soon and you can walk again without waddling, yay!

  6. Do you have “Eye of the Tiger” tapped for the EXACT moment Paul arrives unto the world? You should.

    Hope that happens soon, btw.

  7. From what I understand, “liberated” is not entirely accurate. Not to scare you, but after Paul makes his grand entrance, the real work is supposed to begin.

  8. So we need to start some sort of global movement to ‘Free Elly’s Womb” from the tyranny of the parasite. I really want to see Bob Geldof write a song for that. And then you could uke it. Huzzah!

  9. Oooooh. Just? Ooooooooh. You’re fantastic! (And I know how hard it is to produce the sounds at 3847 weeks.) Big fan. Big, big fan. ME, not YOU. <3

    I remember those last few weeks of my first pregnancy. whpfhewsh, is all I hafta say. I remember it well.

    I was lucky because we had to duty visit (but I liked to) an elderly Italian couple with the new baby. Not only did she insist that my milk would come in better with a wee glass of their homemade plonk, she also told me all the mistakes I was making with how I was executing the "Diaper-free" game I was playing. Unlike with my mom, her advice from having actually done it was invaluable.

    But that's a whole nother enchilada. Your song? Zowie. Thatisall.

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