The Twilight Singers

Not surprisingly I recently downloaded the soundtrack to Twilight.  Certainly the way to make this obsession healthier is to have easy access to the music from the movie for those twelve minutes a day I’m not watching the DVD.  (I’d try and get some professional help but like a true junkie, I just don’t want to stop!)

When I fired up the desktop this morning, the first thing I did was turn on the external drive with the music library and type “Twilight” into the filter.  Let the brooding, lusty, shuffling begin!  Productivity is always improved by daydreams of Rob Pattinson’s jaw.  *shivers*

After a half hour or so of looping that ethereal “Flightless Bird, America Mouth” song, I let shuffle take over.  I wasn’t fully paying attention as I was very intently trying to sync my tweets with wordpress.  Eventually I noticed I was rockin’ out and doing the white girl bar stool bob in my desk chair.  It was the track “Clyde” from the Twilight Singers‘ first release.  A Columbia release, I got very into the record when I landed my internship at the label.  It was so unusual, so hypnotic – it left me breathless.  It still does.

I had to cancel shuffle and start again from the beginning.  The record starts with the easy trill of piano keys on “The Twilite Kid” – setting a dreamy, disconnected mood.  Enter the beat, the vocals, the guitar – I’m hooked.  Every frickin’ time.  For whatever reason, it amuses me endlessly that the music so embodies that love lorn angst that sucks me into the Twilight movie.  Too bad the music director didn’t think of Greg Dulli when compiling the soundtrack.

Here’s hoping I can realign my senses and move my focus away from an album that has a Limp Bizkit track (the HORROR! yay for skipping.) and back to music I can admit loving in public.