The Riddle Song

Who has two thumbs and is so brain dead she can’t come up with a second thing and/or find her cellphone to take a picture.

And how have I managed to make it all the way to age 35 (…wait, is that right? ’76, ’86, ’96, ’06, ’07, ’08, ’09, ’10, ’11. Yes – 35.  Now what’s my name again?) without knowing of the wonder that is frozen grapes?  They’re my new favorite thing.  I don’t have to cook them and they never go bad.

Unlike those pesky collard greens I keep buying.  Though they are nice in a bra.  And no one notices when you leave the house with frozen leafy greens in your bra.  I think someone might notice the grapes.

Right.  Anyway.  I uked.  But barely.  As in I almost didn’t.  Not as in I did it naked.  Perverts.  I have to wear clothes.  Otherwise I’d trip on all these frozen grapes and break another bone.

Happy MFBT!

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    1. KYA, your site shows up as a blank slate. I’m worried because it looks like the house that becomes a crime scene after it’s occupants engage in a violent struggle prior to being dragged out by a group of malcontents. I’m the forensics expert! I’ve gone overboard again….

      1. My phone changed “uke” to UMR, which is weird.

        Also, yeah, I kinda sorta have to fix my website. I’m doing that this morning, right now, as we speak. HOORAY! But yeah, it was a crime scene. Did you see the crap I’d written there? Criminal. 🙂

  1. Okay, I miss our little seafood parties where we all bring a picnic lunch with an infinitely adaptable reversable tablecloth and mallets for cracking crab shells.

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