The Peace Carol (UPDATED)

If you don’t already know about Neil Kramer, you should. He writes with a vulnerability that is compulsively endearing. His eye for composition and beauty in the mundane makes my heart swell. And if you’ve been here for a while, you know I like to participate in his annual Christmahanukwanzaakah Online Holiday Concert.

He swore last year would be the last year. Then all that was 2016 happened. And he decided to do it again. Because…

“…camaraderie and music are important forces for good. They can inspire us, touch us, and lead us into battle. There is work to be done in 2017.

I hope you’ll take a moment and hop over there to see the fun and joyful contributions other bloggers made. And I hope you’ll also consider making a donation to Being Black at School – “a national nonprofit advocacy organization focused on addressing the complexities of being a Black student in the American education system.”

I hope you’ll remember to be kind to yourself. And to those around you. And to those that aren’t like you.

I’ll be toasting you multiple times over the coming days. (Not just because I’m going to see my little brother and he really likes an excuse for toasting.) But in the meantime, here’s a Muppet-inspired Christmas carol from me to you.

Fan of that design up there? How about on a shirt? Give it a vote and maybe we’ll get ’em made!
The Revolution Will Be Harmonized, a cool t-shirt design


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