The Key to Happiness is Lamination

What’s the weirdest thing you’ve ever laminated? I’m asking for a friend. Probably.

Attention all employers of the world: if you want to increase your employee retention rate, furnish your office space with a laminator. You’re welcome.

In completely unrelated news, I just bought a laminator for my own personal use. My obsession with lamination started in high school, when my art teacher had this epically huge machine and she’d run all our pieces through that thing. Pencil drawings, charcoal, pastels, mosaics, collages – EVERYTHING. To this day, I don’t feel like a piece of my artwork is really finished unless it has an intense plastic sheen upon it.

I’ve been through a LOT of Modge Podge and spray shellac.

It’s pretty tricky trying to seal a written piece, though. Sometimes I’d like to. To keep them clean and impervious to the spills of misconstrued comments and angry misinterpretations. But that’s how this Interwebz thing works, right? So I guess I’ll just stick to laminating all the unicorn pictures you guys send me.

Because glitter looks AMAZING laminated.

Speaking of pieces I’ve written floating around the internet, here’s a couple more recent ones you may have missed:

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Also? I’m going to be in a book. Like one you can hold in your hands and everything! While it’s not THE BOOK, it’s a start. And I’m super proud of the piece in there.

Untitled design-4


The publishers are planning all sorts of promotion in anticipation of the release and are planning a blog tour. They are looking for sites (and non-bloggers, too) interested in doing a review. If you’re interested, you can request a review copy here.

And if you say something nice about my piece? I’ll probably print it out and laminate it. After slathering it in glitter, of course.


  1. Yay! I’m so excited to be in Lose the Cape right along with you, Elly!
    This is my first visit to your blog– I love your site, especially the guitar image at the top.
    So what else do you laminate? After reading this, I’m thinking it would be perfect for preserving my favorite pieces of my kids artwork without having to pay for a frame every time I love something… Hmmmm…you’ve got me thinking :).

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