The Honey Badger

Yup, I’m still down south in the land of pine.  Yup, I’m still phoning it in.

But this time it’s educational.  AND awesome.  And easily the best narration ever in the history of the universe.

I dare you not to giggle.  Also, I’m totally going to quiz you later on the eating habits of the crazy, nasty-ass honey badger.

Thanks for the link, Creamed Corn.  I owe you a margarita.


  1. This is now my new favorite pet name for… oh, everything.

    (Come on over here, you little honey badger, and give me a hug. My daughter’s cute but she sure is a real honey badger in the morning. Eric tried to slip me the honey badger last night, but I was too tired.)

  2. I want to see a whole hour of this stuff. Seriously can’t stop giggling. I imagine showing this in a high school science class.

  3. My pleasure ! You’d think with a name like ‘Honey’ that badger would be sweet… but I tell ya, that Honey Badger doesn’t give a shit !

  4. I think you could put this bad ass commentary over a five minute porn film composed entirely of money shots and have equally hilarious results.
    Come back from the South. Now.

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