The Gloved Uke

The hands are too swollen to uke today, kids.  But I have something even better for you – an extra, extra special treat.  No, I didn’t make cupcakes.  But there is this guy:

Dude.  When I grow up, I so want to be this guy.  We already have similar facial hair, so I don’t think it’s a huge stretch.  I just wish he was wearing a red and black leather jacket.

Also, I may or may not have already watched this video 917 times while fondling Herbert longingly.  Fortunately there’s no video to prove it.

Happy Friday and MFBT!

And thanks for the link, Michael!


  1. At first I was all, “man I don’t want to watch some lame guy play classical uke or something…”

    And then…my mind was blown wide open with joy.

  2. similar facial hair…….


    my sincerest condolences, your razor bill must be enormous.

  3. NO WAY! NO HOW! They imposed the sound over the video right? Uke can do that? You can do that with a uke? Wow. I wish MJ were alive to see this…

  4. The video was wow! But I’m still thinking about your poor swollen fingers! Drink lots and put those feet up woman!



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