The Glory of Love

“Mom, I’m worried that my classmates won’t recognize me.”

“Ok. May I ask why?”

“I’m wearing different shoes. These are green.”

“Your other shoes are green, too.”

“Yes, but those are a different green.”

Reader, IT WAS THE SAME GREEN. There are only so many nuanced shades of Ninja Turtle.

Fooled him, though. So maybe all those glossy marketing campaigns are on to something with their promises to change your whole look with one new accessory? Or maybe I should try and capitalize on this mild delusion and see if I can leverage it into the easiest home-made Halloween costume ever.

Obviously, we believe it on some level, right? Otherwise, why would we all have so many pairs of jeans? (And socks. And bras. And lipsticks. And subscriptions to women’s magazines.) 

You’ll be stunned to hear everyone recognized him despite Leonardo being on the exterior side of his shoe rather than the interior. Just like neighbors recognize me at the grocery store even if I’m un-showered, wearing zero makeup, and rocking a giant cold sore. Just like your family doesn’t notice when you get a haircut or rock a new eyeliner. 

But I know I went to the hair place yesterday and I can finally see without bangs in my eyes. And I can smell I showered. 

Do I have a point? I dunno. Do I ever? 

I just keep thinking about selfcare and surviving the winter. And this administration. And making a difference without losing yourself or your sanity. And how maybe “do no harm” is a more ambitious mantra than it sounds. 

I was listening to an interview on WNYC yesterday where they read this quote from Nicholson Baker: The question any novel is really trying to answer is, Is live worth living?

The answer, at least my answer, is a resounding YES. Which is how I came to the song for this week. It’s knowing cold so you can truly revel in those first warm rays in the spring. It’s a string of questionable sandwiches before a bowl of home-cooked chili at your parents’ house. It’s wearing a scratchy wool sweater all day, then slipping into cotton fleece jammies. It’s pouring everything into whatever you believe in, no matter the outcome. It’s the glory of love.


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