The Garden Song

Earlier this week, my ukuleles and I volunteered for the toddler’s story hour at the local library. No ukuleles were harmed. Kids either. Just a smattering of sprained eardrums. I call that a win?

Also? I didn’t curse even twice. (Because you know I accidentally did once. Dammit.)

I learned this song thinking I would play it for the kids. But fortunately I came to my senses and realized that I could not possibly say “hoe” that many times and not crack an inappropriate joke in front of all those impressionable (if now gently-massacred) ears.

But there loss is your gain. Now YOU get to hear me sing about hoes. While waggling my eyebrows. And gently-massacring your ears.

You are welcome.

I’m off the grid for most of August so I can’t promise a weekly ukulele video. But know that any given Friday that you need a stringed pick-me-up you can find old videos on my YouTube channel. Or you could join me in my obsession with this band and watch them exclusively for the entire month.

Inch by inch. Row by Row. I can’t sing without giggling at the word “hoe.”

Happy Friday.


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