The Ballad of Alex and Michael

It’s hard to write something light and pithy with the shit nightmare happening in Washington.

I know. I know what you’re thinking. Well, some of you dudes, anyway, might be thinking, “Which one?” I’ll give you a pass on that one, my dudes, there are PLENTY of White House-instigated shit nightmares to chose from these days.

But every woman I know is holding her breath over these hearings over Brett KavaNotEverHowIsHeStillBeingConsideredWTF. I’m holding my breath. Dear America- please stop proving time and again how little regard you have for women. For people of color. For LGBTQ folks. For the disabled. FOR ANYONE THAT IS NOT A STRAIGHT WHITE CIS ABLE DUDE.

And while I’m writing open letters…Dear survivors – I believe you. I believe you. I believe you. I believe you. I believe you.

But you’re here for a ukulele song, not for an essay about how I believe Dr. Ford embodies the true meaning of patriotism. I have one for you, I promise. It’s even an original I wrote based on the book.

It’s hard to find the humor these days. I know. And there are moments when I just can’t bring myself to work on the book and instead allow myself to get lost in a wormhole of op-eds, donations to RAINN and Emily’s List, and calls to the Senate. I believe those things are incredibly important.

But I also truly believe laughing is crucial, too. So even though I can’t imagine any real win today,  I’m going to keep telling you about this book. I’m going to keep trying to find the light and cracking jokes to let in more light. And apparently, I’m going to pluck my banjuke and share some plot points from the book with you beautiful people.

Do I think this book is going to change the world? Nope. I think YOU are going to do that. WE are. Together. But I like to think this book will help a little, by giving those working tirelessly to change the world a little bit of levity and respite to keep fighting the good fight.


  1. It is difficult to remember that laughter is necessary with all the anger and fear that is bubbling up because of that nightmare. It helps to remind us that we’re going to be ok. We will set things right.

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