Taking the Easy Way Out

As I mentioned, I (and my gravity defying boobs) have suddenly been thrust (good boob verb, right?) into the whole I-really-have-to-dig-in-and-get-some-shit-done-and-fast world…and it’s kicking my ass.  Hard.  As exhibited by that incredibly well constructed paragraph and the brain sludge that is leaking out of my ears and pooling within these lace edged demi cups.

I love you, Interwebz.  You know that.  But I have to save a little of my brain for the people that pay me (especially if Wicked Shawn makes good on her threat to take my shopping for panties).  So I’m going to cheat today.  Good thing I know how to embed videos, eh?

First – I give you my hero and mentor Sue Sylvester.  I lurv her – almost as much as I love cheesecake, Twilight, and miniature unicorns wearing tiny sneakers.  In case you live under a rock and didn’t watch Glee last night (we should probably break up), here’s her Vogue video.  All hail Sue.

Second – Earth Day is fast approaching, so I’m dusting off my fair-trade-certified-paraben-and-phalate-free soap box.  Rocco does many things that annoy me (SHOCKER!), but the one that makes me the absolute craziest is his need to leave the car engine running as he listens to the end of a news piece on the radio.  The radio works without the engine running.  I’ve checked.  For reals.  This video sums up my opinions on car idling.

Lastly, you know how I’ve been in the market for a new kitten?  Poor Lucy misses the love of my life almost as much as I do, and she’s just starving for some company.  This little nugget is too young to leave her mama yet, but look at this furry wad of cuteness.  In other news, I’m pretty sure her name is Mildred.

She’s so cute I’m doing one more.  After she bats at the glass, you have to hang on a little longer and watch her bow-legged walk.  I dare you to not coo and giggle out loud.

I’m going to lose twenty readers after this ridiculous kitty fest, aren’t I?  Ah well.  I guess it’s a good thing I scored a day job, eh?

This may be a good time for you to visit one of the beauties on my freshly updated blogroll.  They doubtlessly have something profound and witty to share in my brain dead absence.


  1. Kittens….shit what have I stumbled into. See this is how women get you…a few days of boobs…then kittens.

    Ugh…and I hate Twilight, and miniature unicorns…I feel like I don’t even know you any longer.
    .-= mepsipax´s last blog ..Looking for love =-.

  2. What the hell is all of this nonsense about a job? I’m hesitant to type this in public view, but, I’m with meps on the kitten thing, I just don’t get all ooey gooey over kittens. Dogs are more my thing.
    .-= Wicked Shawn´s last blog ..Wicked Delicious Morning =-.

    1. It’s not a job, job – just a consulting gig. But as with most things, it’s taking up more of my brain than I had planned. I think the brain might have gotten a little flabby from lack o’ use. I think of this gig as the 30day shred for brains. Somewhere a zombie just got excited.

  3. I should have called my blog “Z little bit rock n roll” cuz that’s a lot of pressure to be there all at the top like I have something I gotta prove. Dang. 🙂 Thanks for adding me. Disclaimer: there is nothing profound or witty from me . . . ever.

    So we don’t have any baby kitties, but I know where you can soore some wild (live) bunnies!
    .-= Andrea´s last blog .."Wild World" =-.

  4. I’ve been watching the Glee Vogue video on an endless loop since it first came on. Love it.
    Also look at you with the paying gig! What are you? A rockstar handler? After hours ninja assassin? Did you take over the unicorn name generator?
    Regardless, once they see your new boobies facing upward to the heavens you’ll be on the fast track for CEO.
    .-= Kelly´s last blog ..Doodles =-.

  5. I lurv these! I am going to tweet about them. I don’t watch Glee. Well, I don’t watch TV. No time really. BUT I have all intentions to BUY the DVDs and watch them at my own leisure. I am DYING to watch the show. Actually, based on what I heard about the issues that the show tackles, I have been thinking of letting my kids watch it with me (when I get the DVDs). I am a bad mother… Btw, I am the weird one here: when I watched the kitty video, all I am thinking was: The kitty mommy is just like me, having kids that don’t look like her! I bet she bitchslaps whoever that comes to her and comment on how her kids don’t look like her, or, “Are you babysitting these kittens?” So you got a paying job?! Congrats!! I know: I am reading back issues. Sorry about the slacking… xxoo
    .-= subWOW´s last blog ..Teaching Kids Simple Words: Part 1 =-.

  6. I need to confess: I am like Rocco. I often have what they call in the business “The NPR Moments” and yes I do leave the car on. I came back to let you know that you have changed the world! because yesterday when I was waiting to pick up The Kid I remembered to turn off the car. (Of course, it took The Kid 5 minutes to find my car but he can suck it. The planet is more important!) Off to tweet about this vid now. xxoo
    .-= subWOW´s last blog ..Teaching Kids Simple Words: Part 1 =-.

    1. Hooray! Maybe that’ll offset the fact that I forgot to bring my own tupperware to the restaurant last night. It just kills me when they put leftovers in styrofoam.

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