Taint My Fault

This is what happens when I leave my cell phone unattended in the presence of my sibling:

The worst part?  Thom didn’t set the reminder so I totally missed the appointment.  Poor Rocco’s been walking around with an unshaved taint for like eight days now!  I’m the worst wife ever.

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    1. Imagine if he’d had a hold of that thing for more than 30 seconds! Thank goodness I’ve never, ever, EVER done anything that might inspire vengeful thoughts from ANY of my siblings. *polishes halo before plopping back on head*

    1. …and now I am adding you to the ever growing list of people that aren’t allowed to meet my little b. Unless you want to marry him. I could totally dig having you as in in-law.

    1. Would you believe that was the least disgusting thing I could find that still explained the taint? This is my “I’m mostly sorry I traumatized you but I’m still laughing AT you a little vagina face.”

  1. I love your brother. I think it runs in your family. I love your whole friggin’ family. I want to buy your mom a REAL pearl necklace that’s how much I love your clan. AND, thank you for the American education: I clicked on the link to taint. One more thing now I know…
    .-= submom´s last blog ..WTF Wednesday: The Price of Tomatoes =-.

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