(T)ain’t Misbehavin’

So much to write, so little patience from Paul.  Boo.  Hiss.

But in case you missed it (sorry Bob) I’ve just cleared another six months in remission!  WOOT!  Which means I don’t have to do any more of those uber icky CT scans.  Which means I made my way through a bottle of champagne this week, too.  Double WOOT!

Paul is, as my mom always says, crazy with the heat.  So yet again I’m cheating and just smacking up a uke video with nothing terribly amusing to say.  But that doesn’t mean I love you bitches any less.

Have something cold and refreshing.  And alcoholic. STAT.  For it’s MFBT!

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  1. Paul is so mobile! hilarious. I never thought of that song as a good one for mothers of little kids, but it totally applies.


  2. Whoa! Do I really get to be the first to say how surprised at how big Paul has gotten and at how it seems like just a month or so ago that you were pregnant? Cool! Loved the video and was thrilled to see both you and the boy looking so well.

  3. Fucking WOOT indeed! You kicked that shit in the ass again and I raise my glass to you for it.
    Also? Your kid is crazy freaking adoraballs. Like mother, like son.

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