No Diggity

Maybe it’s the cold meds talking, but I can’t fit the word “use” in that title. Ukestreet? No Ukeity?

Uke Gotta Pay to Play.

As you might imagine based on my difficulty naming this damn post, the newest ukulele remains nameless. And genderless. And wineless. BECA– USE I HAVE NEEDS, TOO.

So help me, Interwebz. Name this swirly, whirly gumdrop of a ukulele.

Seeing as how the camera angle in today’s ukulele video shows nothing but some tuning pegs, here’s a refresher:

A Uke With No Name

If I were patient and motivated, I’d figure out how to put a poll here. HOLY SHIT I FIGURED OUT HOW TO PUT A POLL HERE! Go buy lottery tickets. And a pony. It’s a ukulele miracle.

So yes. Vote. Though I don’t promise I’m going to stick with what you choose. Because I’m fickle. And I will not be naming this ukulele Brunhilda no matter who writes it in, dig?

Oh and I uked. For all my 90’s bitches. Especially this one. And that video thumbnail looks like I’ve had a stroke but I promise I’m fine.

Now give this indecisive mind of mine some requests. Then pour yourself a tall glass of something because MFBT!