This is a little more Molly Shannon and less Karen Carpenter, but it’s the thought that counts, right?

And confession time: I’m totally counting down the moments til Sir Paul is asleep and I can launch into my wild Friday night plans – binging on American Idol and popcorn.  Do I know how to party or what?

Oh and I’m sure there will be beer, too.  I mean, it IS MFBT.


  1. Hooray for MFBT!!

    I LOVE that song, btw. I didn’t realize Karen Carpenter sang it, though…the version I have is Sonic Youth (yes, I had to check, I’m terrible with band names).

    What happened to Isabelle that she required such extensive surgery?? Did I miss a ukelele tragedy?

    1. Truly Thurston and Kim’s version is by far my favorite. I love that entire “if I were a carpenter” album. And I LOVE when Cracker does Rainy Days and Mondays. Now I want to do that one, too. *sigh*

      ITHabella’s bridge snapped off and pulled off all her finish in the process. She looked like she’d had some serious redneck loving.

  2. Pulling my mouth away from the Franzia spout, brushing a tear off of my cheek because I DO remember when I told you I loved you, baby ……

    (Yessssss ….. I’m back!!!!!)

  3. We were singin’ harmony!!!!!!

    And thank you for saying frickin’. My nine year old was listening (and the other two are going to listen in a moment) so, um, ya.

    I remember when I found out Karen Carpenter had died. I was already messing around with my own eating disorder, I related to the sad songs she was singing with such purity and the happy songs she was signing over the pain. I recognized it as such (for me, whatever her intent).

    I was at a dance at a church I attended, and I remember the whole night as if through the vaseline coated lens her music used to be televised through.

    RIP Karen.

    PS. You did that song full justice, while giving it the perfect Ellie edge. I loved it.

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