Summer Vibe

It was another week of gut-wrenching headlines and outrage-inducing events. It was also the first official week of Summer. And maybe you’re having some trouble resolving your conflicting feelings on these very disparate things.

The crazy thing is you don’t have to. In fact, I would argue that you shouldn’t even try. 

Feel it all. If you can bear it, that is. 

I spent an hour this morning tuning Penelope (my summer Waterman ukulele) and singing lazy-groove songs with a friend that makes me laugh. Then we went to a rally at the Elizabeth Detention Center. And as soon as I get this posted, I’m going to dish my kids up some ice cream cones while I call up my reps. 

Doing one of these things doesn’t mean sacrificing another. Let yourself love these hot, lazy days and the sound of your kids giggling in the backyard. Take a moment to be so grateful for this magnificent life. Break out a plastic ukulele. Sing. Laugh. Splash. Then fight to give others the chance to also have that feeling of safety and gratitude.

Donate to Raices. Donate to the ACLU. Find your local event and be a part of Lights For Liberty. Consider sponsoring a family

And if you’re in New Jersey, my amazing friend made this action sheet! GO DO IT ALL!

Why yes, one of my neighbors maintains an inflatable Trump chicken for all protest.

As your reward, you can watch this week’s ukulele video where my gorgeous (and highly professional) friend Vanessa sings her face off.

Not literally. That sounds terrifying. No one was hurt in this video and all faces are still intact. Probably. You’ll have to watch until the end and find out for yourself!

Happy Friday, Patriots.