Subway Fare Hike

This amuses me far more than it should.  Five million years ago, I used to hang with a bunch of musicians back in North Carolina.  One of the members of that clan made the move to NYC and we’ve managed to stay in touch.  He sent me his latest music video a few nights ago so of course I have to share.  It’s pretty damn catchy I must admit.  I think my favorite part is the shot down the platform of Alec with the boom box on his shoulder.  (Wait, do we still call them boom boxes?)  If you watch in the background, some guy jumps behind a column the second he figures out there’s a video camera.  Ah, New York…

I dare you to not sing “$81 Metrocard” all day long.  I like to think it’s the modern-day version of the toungue-in-cheek protest song “MTA.”  Then again, maybe I’ve just been listening to Pete Seeger too much.


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