Stuff You Should Buy

You know how last week I told you about all the awesome good things you could do with your money instead of buy holiday gifts?  Well I really meant it, but sometimes you still have to come up with actual gifts for the peeps on your shopping lists.  So in the interest of making your last minute shopping a little easier, let me bleach my hair, slip on a blue apron dress, and get my Maria on while I list some of my favorite things.

Keel’s Simple Diary

I just received one of this magical wonders from the world famous SubWow and I can’t stop swimming in it’s fabulosity.  The metallic edged pages of this enchanting little gem are filled with quirky quotes, guides to categorizing your day, and lessons in listening.  It’s the perfect gift for any creative type on your list.


I have a t-shirt obsession if you haven’t yet noticed.  My two favorite shops at the moment are SharingMachine and Threadless.  I just bought this beauty for Rocco.  Be careful though because shirts at both shops tend to run small.  At least the chick shirts do.  I blame boobs.  ‘Cause it certainly couldn’t be the result of excessive cheesecake consumption. *sigh*


As you may or may not have heard, I hate the cold. HATE. But I never have any gloves. That’s not true. Around this time every year I cave and buy myself a pair of gloves, like these. Then around January 4th, I lose one. I get so mad at myself I refuse to buy another pair because I swear I’ll never learn unless I have to really sit and think about what I’ve done. So while it’s possible I’m overly obsessed with warm things on hands, (ahem) I think everyone could use another pair of gloves. Except amputees. And snakes. Stop talking, Elly.

John Denver & The Muppets: A Christmas Together

Best.  Christmas.  Album.  Ever. It’s not the holidays until you’ve listened to Gonzo explain to Miss Piggy that figgy pudding is made with figs…and bacon.  (And no foofy birds, Dufmanno.)  If you don’t have John Denver somewhere on your iPod, you’re probably the anti-Christ.  This gift couples nicely with the best Christmas movie ever – Emmett Otter’s Jug Band Christmas.


I know it isn’t terribly green and it proves I’m a total luddite but nothing makes me happier than a handwritten (or typed on an old typewriter) note sent via the archaic US Postal Service.  There are all kinds of fun sets on Etsy, like this one.  Maybe THAT’s what I should get Mom.  Now if I can just master photoshop in the next ten minutes, I’m sure I could whip up some personalized Pegger the Kegger note cards.

The Hootchulele

For the person that has everything, consider a hootchulele.  It appears to be a simple cigar box ukulele, but when opened, a “home entertainment center” is revealed.  Sadly, I think it’s too small to fit a bottle of wine.  Obviously I need to build myself a vinolele.

So shop hard, I guess.  I’m so anti-shopping this year I can’t even bring myself to run to the grocery store.  That’s why I’ll be serving spaghetti sauce, day old sushi, and dried mangos for lunch.


  1. your list makes me feel ( )clammy. ( ) clammy in my clam. (x) happy as a clam.

    explain why: because i love my simple diary, your boobs in tshirts, and dried mangos.

    1. Seriously. SubWow, yet again, wins for best presents. I like to sit around wearing only my @bugginword necklace, a pair of mittens, and Herbert while we thumb through the Simple Diary.

  2. Do you Because I am rapidly developing a shirt woot problem……cause, you know, I don’t own enough Tshirts……

    Also, mittens are way better than gloves. Except you have to take them off to find your metrocard, or blow your nose, or pick up after the dog. 🙁

  3. Great list! I did all my shopping yesterday. I saw some awesome tshirts. I think one of my favorites was a one with a picture of a toaster and a piece of bread. The toaster was saying “I want you inside me” and the bread was saying “You’re hot”. LOL it was cute. There were a bunch of cute ones at Spencer Gifts. I bought a onsie for my best friends baby that says “I’m cute, Mommies cute and Daddy’s just a lucky bastard.” heh. Get her started on the tshirts early!

        1. Not to mention it was funny to me because I was a toaster for Halloween. I was all metallic silver with two strips of dark black electrical tape down my back. It was funny because people kept “fingering my slots”. IT was a creative costume that I never knew people would take it that way and be sexual with it. That is part of why the shirt cracked me up so much.

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