It finally happened.  Spring finally showed up in Hoboken.  And I feel like this:

I know, I know.  Spring has allegedly been here for weeks.  But it didn’t FEEL like true Spring until yesterday.

I walked out of the apartment wearing a fleece jacket instead of a giant, super-puffed down coat.  The headphones of my iPod popped easily into my ears without screaming about their sensitivity to the cold wind.  My sunglasses added a warm filter to the view of Manhattan’s skyline.  Daffodils swayed in the window boxes I passed on 14th street, heads bobbing to the beat of the hip hop playing in my head.

Making my way to the waterfront, my thighs basked in the warmth of the sun as my black pants absorbed her rays.  My shoulders dropped a little lower.  My breathing became deeper.  I smiled a little wider.  My laugh came a little easier.

Hoboken always makes a point of looking her most beautiful when I try to leave her.  And I made the mistake of timing my walk to coincide with high tide.  I’ve always been a sucker for that brackish sea smell.  It makes me think of the trips my family would make to the Outer Banks when I was wee.  I could almost feel the sand crabs tickling the palms of my cupped hands as they tried to burrow to safety.  Way to not play fair, Hoboken.

I banished the image by dragging my left hand along the top of the black metal railings that line the waterfront of Hoboken.  I knew they’d be warm even before my skin made contact.  I paused my steps to place my right hand on the rail as well.  As the wind affectionately ruffled my hair, I watched the sun glitter off the crests in the Hudson River and the windows of the Empire State Building.

After strolling the length of Hoboken, I walked out to the end of Pier A Park.  A seagull hovered in place, flying against the wind, waiting for the fisherman to reel in their prizes.

I lowered myself to a sun-warmed slab of granite and imagined I could just make out the tiny red lighthouse that lives at the foot of the George Washington Bridge some fifteen miles up the river.  The bridge of my nose begged me to sit there long enough for the mid-day sun to leave a mark upon her.  My toes cried inside my sneakers and begged to feel the still-wet earth beneath the blanket of fresh grass behind me.

Even though my head feels like little fairies spent the night packing my sinus cavities with those cotton logs dentists shove in the back of your mouth…


*wipes spray from computer monitor with sleeve*

….I still love Spring.  And Hoboken.  Damnit.


  1. Oh God FUCK YES! I used my best orgasm voice for you on that one just to make sure I added a dash of naughty to your beautiful post.
    p.s. I know that smell, the RIVER smell not the other smell.

  2. OK, I’m going to lay my head down on my desk, and close my eyes for a few minutes as I dream of warm Hoboken sea breezes. I may or may not be back later.

  3. i feel all hillbilly too when you write all perdy like this miss elly.

    and just where are you and the mister gettin on to? will you still be in the dirty jerz?

    1. Tee-otally. We’re pretty tethered to the Great White Way, so we’re still less than an hour outside of the city. And we’ll have parking. You know, for visitors that might be driving up from Philly? *fingers crossed*

  4. Well, shoot, that was lovely enough to help me pretend I am holding hands with you in sunny Hoboken. Instead of here in chilly, grey LA. Wearing my coat indoors.

  5. You got sunshine, and we got snow? Is that correct? I’m going back into hibernation. Bah humbug.

    But I’m truly glad you felt some sunshine. Someone needs to enjoy it. It’s like a deadbeat dad to us Michiganders. Your post did warm me up a bit though. 🙂

  6. That’s right next to Maplewood. 🙂

    P.S. My parents remembered you at dinner the other night.

  7. I tried hard to find my sarcasm but your beautiful words were too much for me. Now I want to visit this magical place called Hoboken. 🙂

  8. Ahh, Springtime.

    Indeed the sun has decided to show her ellusive face in London as well and I truly believe England is THE most beautiful place on Earth in the Springtime.

    That, or I’m just so unaccustomed to seeing it in the sun that I’ve just forgotten how pretty it always is.

    It was a lovely farewell to your fair city, sugar. And where is the next place with which you’ll fall in love?

    I hear London is gorgeous in Spring…

    – B x

    1. London IS exquisite in Spring. That’s my favorite time to visit. Well, once the rain slacks off a bit.

      We found a cute little place in South Orange – the least terrifying of the Oranges. There’s even enough dirt for me to grow some tomatoes!

  9. Hoboken, huh? I have some family who love it and curse it on a regular basis. At least you are not getting swept away with the Potomac:) Have fun!

  10. Spring is definitely a woman. Just sayin’

    It’s cold and miserable here. Telling you just so you feel even better about Hoboken. 😉 (Am I helping at all?!)

    p.s. That video is going to be in my head and I will be playing it over and over again when I know I will be seeing you again my friend! 🙂

  11. I didn’t know you were in Hoboken, I was born there, left during 1st grade which was 3…4…44 years ago or so. It was kinda bad then, but you make it sound like I was hasty in leaving.

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