Spaghetti Cat

Monday.  Raining.  Hormonal imbalances.  Didn’t sleep.  Again.

Also, I watched an evil villain kill a wolf/dog on HBO last night.  I suppose it’s redundant to say “evil villain” because there aren’t really any other kind of villains, are there?  Well, they could be saucy or athletic or perforated, I suppose.  But I’m not aware of any villains that are un-evil.  Also villain is spelled weird.  Also kiwis have tiny seeds.  That look like poppy seeds.  But probably don’t make you test positive for opium if you take a drug test.

Did I mention I didn’t sleep last night?  And it’s Monday?  And it’s raining?

I’m pretty sure this calls for a Parry Gripp song, doesn’t it?  I’m not sure how I missed this one until now.  I like it almost as much as Space Unicorn.  Almost.

As I always say to Thom when we part, good luck beating that rape charge.  No wait.  I meant, good luck with Monday, Interwebz.


  1. It’s Monday and raining here too. And I had anxiety dreams all night. WTF. We need some chocolate to remedy this.

    1. The last thing I need is more chocolate. I need an intervention. And bigger pants. This is a dangerous apartment if you’re a Twix.

  2. I’ve always preferred Cat with a side of Sticky rice. I feel that the rice is a better complement to spicy kitten than noodles are.

    Also? Happy Dyngus Day!

    1. Well I spent WAY too much time reading up on Dyngus Day. I’m not at all sure it made me a better person. I hope you’re happy, Tom.

      1. Someday when you find yourself trapped in Buffalo N.Y. on Easter Monday, being chased by Polish men swinging Pussy Willow branches, you’ll thank me.

  3. I may be particularly obtuse today, but I don’t understand why your wish for Thom to beat the rape charge is linked to a book review about David Sedaris. Did Thom rape David Sedaris? Or maybe Spaghetti Cat?

  4. Sadly, that won’t be the last wolf/dog you’ll see killed.

    That is, assuming I know what you watched. There was a reason that stag’s horn was in the mama wolf’s throat.

      1. Now, was I speaking in the literal sense, or the metaphorical? *wide buggy-eyes staring at you*

        As far as spoilers go, that wasn’t bad. I could have totally said that Cersei was Cthulu.

      1. Well, there’s only a few puppies. And I think it’s a good long while before anything bad befalls any more of them.

        Just…don’t get too fond of any characters…

          1. I must say, Elly, I don’t think the villian killed the wolf/dog puppy. The villianess ordered it, but the guy who carried it out is not the villian. The guy sleeping with his sister is TOTALLY the villian in this one. Just sayin’.

  5. I just saw the White House Easter Bunny. I vote that someone photoshop that creeper’s face out and replace it with Spaghetti Cat!

  6. If Sedaris had written a book about childrearing, I would have done a better job at it. And it would have been a lot more fun. Oh, whoops, you haven’t started yet. Forget I said that.

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