Space Unicorn

Today feels eerily like a Monday, am I right?  I’m way too crabby to be coherent.  Lucky for you, Deb over at She Who Seeks sent me this lovely video yesterday.  It’s pretty much the only thing keeping me from lobbing canned goods out my window onto the honking cars below.

Now turn up the volume, let the space unicorns wash over you, and bathe you in glittery happiness.  Meanwhile, I will try not to cut a bitch while hurdling over brown snow banks.  (The operative word here being “try.”)

In other news, I need a marshmallow laser.  STAT.  Thanks, Deb.


  1. If everyone would spend 30 seconds a day meditating on the space unicorn, we just might put an end to hate. or at least give everyone the chance to feel happiness for 30 seconds.

  2. Do you play Robot Unicorn Attack?
    It is amazing; do a google. My students got me into it last year.
    Bonus: the soundtrack is by Erasure.

  3. Have I told you my theory about Tuesdays? Tuesdays are the worst day of the week because you’re already nearly mid-week, but it doesn’t actually feel any closer to the weekend than Monday. I think Greg Brown sang it best, “It’s been Tuesday all week, and it’s Tuesday again.”

    Anyway. Yeah.

  4. I think I just moved from my pissed off, “come near me and I’ll stab you in the ovaries you overly cheery bitch” mood, to my happy place. This may just be the answer to world peace!

  5. So pure of heart, it’s true. I mean, ask any unicorn and they’ll tell you they are pure of heart.

    Digging that fancy synthesizer action too. 🙂

  6. I’ll read anything with the word “Unicorn” in it.

    And this just made my night. But also made me worry about the time the person who made this has…and how they’re spending it.

  7. delivering the rainbow
    delivering the rainbow
    delivering the rainbow
    all around the world
    delivering the rainbow
    all around the world
    all around the world
    all around the world
    all around the world
    all around the world

    fucking triumphant!

  8. I lobbed a RedBull out the car window the other day to keep my teen son from drinking it. It was a special family moment. Even he had to laugh. Here’s my point: sometimes lobbing stuff out the window is the only way to cope. Do it.

  9. F*ck.

    (Just thought it would cheer you up.)

    If, however, you do decide to ‘cut a bitch’ – could you kindly ensure that someone is present to YouTube it?

    I think I would have to see it.

    – B x

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