Slow Uke to China

One of these days I’m going to stop breaking my blog.

In other news, thanks to peer pressure and desperation, we’re on day 9 of some serious sleep training bullshit.  Maybe don’t ask me how that’s going.  Though you can probably guess.  So yet again I’ve got nothing for you but some uke.  And a Paul cameo.  And my fivehead.

I promise I’m going to find a way to get a haircut before next week.  We should all celebrate with copious quantities of cocktails.  In fact, let’s just go ahead and start now, shall we?  Happy MFBT, even if it’s a day late!


  1. I was JUST thinking about you when your post popped in my box(settle down, pervs).
    Dude, day NINE? And you’re not openly weeping and/or drinking on camera? You so have boobs of steel.
    Hold on, it will happen.

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