Skip to My Uke

*knock, knock, knock*

Remember me?

No?  Really?  Not at all?


Does this jog any memories?

Right, I thought so.

Speaking of thinking, I think I’m back.  I mean, I have an internet connection and a computer and all those components crucial to spreading my vaginal ramblings all over the Interwebz.  Now we’ll just see how much painting I get done this weekend before I promise to go back to our regular schedule.

But while I was away, those beautiful girls I finally met at BlogHer last year – you know, the Glitter Gang Bangers?- well they descended on Manhattan in their tiny dresses and tall shoes.

Photo by @BrilliantSulk

Oh wait, that’s not one of them.  At least it wasn’t when I went home for the night.

No Idea Who Took This

That’s more like it.

So of course my pregnant and swollen ass (I think it was just my ankles and feet that were swollen – though to be fair I didn’t really check my ass) could NOT keep up with those divas, but I caught up with them again the next morning for some brunch.

Then a few of us wandered through Times Square…

Photo by Dufmanno

…and ended up in Bryant Park with Herbert.  So just to prove how easy, fast, and fun learning a song on the ukulele can be – I give you the world debut of the music video for Skip to My Lou featuring Wicked Shawn, Dufmanno, and SubWow.

Please DO try this at home.  Then send videos.  And peanut M&Ms.  I keep having dreams about them.  Though they always smell like beer in my dreams.

PS I missed you.  Hard.


  1. I missed you harder.

    Also – it’s beautiful summer days like that when I miss NYC.

    …except not the summer urine smell.

  2. by the way I took that photo you were wondering about. Right after I’d contemplated the sadness I felt about NO PETS being allowed in the bodega I grabbed the camera and shot those beauties. At least I think I did.
    Anyway, I’m missing warm days and blue Uke’s.

  3. She’s baaaaaaaack! The internet just has not been vagazzly without you.

    And you ladies are all kinds of beautiful!

  4. Such sweet wholesomeness.

    Are you sure this is the same GGB that I know? Where’s the debauchery? Where’s the cabana boys?

  5. Technicolor vaginas AND four hot chicks on the uke? Your absence is forgiven. Never leave again. Except, perhaps, to expel the parasite from your own technicolor ladyparts. Because that is just too much awesome for the internets.

  6. That was a magical moment. Thank you. That was a magical weekend. Thank you m’ladies. By the way, you are a genius. You managed to teach me to play (sort of) an entire song on a string instrument in 5 minutes. I came home and told my husband I needed to get a ukulele he just sighed. Ha.

  7. Welcome back to the wonderful world of blogging.

    I would like a tattoo of my vagina, at least it would be getting some action. LOL.

    On a serious note, hope you are beating the East Coast heat wave with your pregnant ass.

  8. I think I’m pretty happy you posted a comment on my site so that I could find you.

    My vagina is currently under renovations. For reals. Don’t ask. I’m just hoping I get an even better one.

    TMI for my first comment on your blog? Judging from the above, I think NOT.

    I am teaching my son the ukelele as his fingers are just not big enough to wrap around the 1/2 size acoustic geetar we gave him for Christmas last year. Maybe when he’s 5 it will get easier?

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