Short (Like My Attention Span)

Mom:  So.  An entire post on a uterus?

Me:  It could be worse, you know.

Rocco:  If you say so.

Me:  You two should be grateful I write about plushy reproductive organs.  I could write a blog post about all my past romantic endeavors.  Or how hard my childhood was.

Mom:  Either way, that’s a short post.

Ladies and Gentleman, my mother.

Oh and I Sprocketed.  Should you need to kill a little more time.

And lastly, just to stick with the “short” theme, here’s one half of Flight of the Conchords with a ukulele orchestra.  Because obviously.


  1. Haha, my middle school teacher used to sing this to me all the time. Punk. I can’t even sing it to my students cuz they’re all taller than I am. Punks.

  2. While I appreciate the drama that goes along with a ukulele orchestra, I prefer the soulful intimacy of the lone uke which better befits the instrument.
    [some other less pretentious and far more hilarious words here]

    1. I’m pretty sure there isn’t a word in the English language that still sounds pretentious when used in conjunction with the word ukulele.

  3. Haha! I love smartass moms! Mine had to become one out of self preservation since my brother and I gang up on her.

  4. I ran over to see what kind of frothy puddle you left at Sprocket Ink. I waded around in it for awhile and had fun.
    Also? Today my stuffed burrito looked like your uterus. I spelled uterus wrong i think.

  5. I was all set to make some clever comment, then I was distracted by your blog roll…..more specifically, Steam Me Up, Kid’s post name: It’s Like Dickens, but swap out ghosts for whale vaginas. !!??? Totally distracted, and thinking I need to have more clever titles for my posts.

    1. Steamy is always distracting. Especially when she wears that tutu. You should read that post. It’s life changing. And also slightly nauseating. In the good way.

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