She’s Got High Hopes

She has high hopes for a lot of things right now. She has high hopes she’ll finish her Halloween costume on time. She has high hopes for the midterms. She has high hopes for the book. She has high hopes that she won’t be the only one that shows up at all of these tour stops in support of said book.

And maybe they are high apple-pie-in-the-sky hopes. But she doesn’t really know how not to dream big.

She is me, just to be clear.

How did I get stuck in third person? So gross. Let’s quit that.

The book is in. Well…technically it hasn’t shown up at all the stores yet, but the publisher is calling it “released.” (Coincidentally, that is also what I call my lower intestine every time I think too hard about the next month on the road and my nerves get the best of me. Nice visual right? You’re welcome.)

I hate begging, but PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE come see me should you live anywhere near one of the tour stops. And bring everyone you’ve ever met. Or if it ends up just being you and me, I’ll compose an original ukulele song for you RIGHT ON THE SPOT. (Now you’re kinda hoping no one else shows up, right?)

Here’s the breakdown:

I can’t lie—when I see all those dates in one place I freak out a little. But then I think about how many meals out I’m going to have. And at everyone of those meals I am going to order exactly what I would like to eat rather than what I think my kid might eat after they reject the meal they actually ordered and I am totally back in the game. NO. CHICKEN. FINGERS. EVER.

Will I be uke-ing on the road? I honestly don’t know yet, but I’ll try! Maybe I’ll try a FB live Ukulele Fridays. If you aren’t following me there already, come play!

Enough blathering, you came for embarrassing singing and strumming AND I WILL NOT LET YOU DOWN. Here are nearly five full minutes of my high hopes, just for you.