Seven Toes, No Waiting

I’m trying to be patient.  I’m trying to be supportive.  I’m trying to be understanding.  I’m really trying to be the best damn old married hag of honor I can be.  I’m trying….

I’m trying not to smack the shit out of my favorite bride to be.

Gwen has had a tough couple of months both professionally and personally.  I won’t go into it, because if there’s one thing I am in life, it’s respectful of other people’s boundaries.  *cough, cough*  I WILL however divulge that she had to have one of the toes of her kitty amputated.  The whole toe.  Gone.

Ok, before you get all riled up and put on your “girl, you better not start cracking jokes about amputee kitties because that totally crosses some sort of line” vagina face, I warn you I come by my sense of humor quite honestly.

Me:  Hi Mom.

Mom:  Hi Honey.  Why do you sound frazzled?

Me:  I just got off the phone with Gwen.  That girl is a hot mess.

Mom:  Wedding stuff?

Me:  Puhleez.  Right now it’s more about runny noses and toe amputations.  The poor girl is about to explode with stress.

Mom:  *hysterical laughter*

Me:  What?

Mom:  I could have sworn you said “toe amputations.”

Me:  I did.  Her cat had to get its toe cut off.  Now it has to wear a hood and the whole thing really isn’t going very well.

Mom:  She had her cat’s toe amputated…

Me:  Yup.  The whole toe.

Mom:  *snorts and hysterical laughter*

Me:  *snickers*  I’m pretty sure this isn’t supposed to be funny.

Mom:  Woo!  Say it again.  She had her cat’s toe…

Me:  …amputated.  *still trying not to giggle*  So apparently the cat is really having trouble with the head funnel.  She climbs into the litter box, sniffs around, and inadvertently scoops up a mess of litter with the hood.  When it’s all full, she panics and tries to lift her head, to find an escape route out of the box.  Problem is, all that litter makes the funnel too heavy for the poor thing to move.  So the cat gets stuck in the box and has to sit there with a plastic collar full of litter and only seven toes to entertain her until someone comes and rescues her.

Mom:  *guffaws and cackles*

Me:  You know we really aren’t nice people, right?

Mom:  Sure, Honey.  Say the part about the toe again…

Gangster Gato
Gangster Gato

From what I understand (having not had a chance to view the surgical aftermath myself) the recently vanquished toe was one of the middle guys and its removal has significantly changed the appearance of the paw.  So of course my sick little mind envisions the cat chillin’ by the radiator and flashing “the shocker” every time Gwen smacks her thighs and coos, “Here kitty-kitty.”

Or maybe the gato has gone all gangster.  While we think she’s just taking an innocent little bath on the window sill, she’s actually flashing her gang sign and recruiting new members from the ‘hood.  It is Washington Heights, after all.  I bet if we shaved her belly we’d find “Gato Life” tattooed above her de-girlification scars.

You know what?  That’s all you get today.  I’m feeling stingy it seems.  Sure I promised you a tale of wedding planning gone horribly wrong and spent the entire time talking about kitty toes, but that’s just how I roll.  I like to keep you guessing.  Maybe I’ll tell you all about how under appreciated my mad wedding planning skillz are tomorrow.


  1. My mother in law had one of her toes amputated a year or so before she died. She was on dialysis and it was side effect. You really had to look though, to see that the toe was missing, because it was the one next to the big toe, and the other toes all seemed to “move over” a little and closed the gap. Weird. I wonder if the cat’s toes will do that too. You’ll have to let me know.
    .-= Aunt Juicebox´s last blog ..What the Fuck. Please Say You’re Joking. =-.

  2. Am I the only one who wants to know why the kitty’s toe got amputated?? I mean, was gangsta kitty in a knife fight or what?

    It really shouldn’t be funny…and yet, I snorted with laughter.

    .-= Spot´s last blog ..Let your freak flag fly… =-.

    1. Oh good. I was worried PETA had ordered a boycott of my blog. She just had a crazy resistant infection that they couldn’t control so…OFF WITH HER TOE!

    1. There IS something fascinating about it, right? I should probably get a flat belly first. Then there’s the whole awkward shaving part. Maybe I’ll wait until it’s warmer.

  3. Liking the Gangster Gato. I believe anywhere from four to seven toes are common on cats, but I was wondering the same thing as the lady above me… How many toes did that cat start with? And as an admittedly bad person myself, I can appreciate the humor in the cat toe amputation… Accually I think it would be pretty gross having a cat with a hood get stuck in the box… But I also baby wipe my feline’s paws soo… yeah.

  4. I talked to my mom on the phone tonight, and she told me a story about a friend’s daughter (stay with me) who got a kitten last summer. That kitten has become allergic to the enamel in its own teeth, so they all need to be removed.
    I shit you not.

    My mom suggested she just get a new kitten, because my mom grew up on a farm and does not understand house-pets. Actually, maybe that explains the rotating cast of ill-fated small animal pets I had as a child.

    1. Hmmm. Pegger the Kegger also grew up on a farm. I think you’re on to something…

      Enamel, eh? Truth is weirder than exaggeration.

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