Scotty McCreery May (or May Not) Eat Pickles

In keeping with this weeks unofficial theme of “I swear I had something to write about but I keep forgetting it because I’m pretty sure I’ve stopped sleeping all together but I keep having these waking dreams and I can’t quite separate them from reality but I’m relatively sure I didn’t actually have a conversation with Scotty McCreery where I told him he should totally pick a truck for his Ford vehicle while we ate pickles even though I did find a jar of pickles in the oven this morning,” I’m just going to smack up some more videos for your viewing entertainment.

For the record, this one is my favorite.  I have it on good authority that this is only funny when you’re totally sleep deprived, but I have my doubts.  I’ll defer to your opinion, Interwebz.  Though if you tell me it’s not funny, I’ll just assume I dreamed that part and it wasn’t real.  Like I’m Eddie Murphy and you’re Charlotte Lewis tied up with toilet paper.  So there.

You’re going to be singing that song all day long.  You’re welcome.

And this one is a no brainer – the latest Between Two Ferns.  Because as I’ve said several times, I really want to galifianakis the host.  Hard.  And in the face.  And ideally with fruit involved.

Lastly, I forgot to tell you I sprocketed.  Again.  Twice, actually.  Once about a kitty reunited with it’s owner after a tornado, and once about face tattoos.

Also?  I beLEEEV I can FLYYYYYY.


  1. The sloth is funny.

    In the interest of full disclosure, I was paged in to work last night. Twice.

    Also, I have been told your house guest is on her way. Good luck. Hide all sharp things.

    1. That totally freaked me out because I have an actual living, breathing guest coming this weekend, too. Coincidentally she’s also not allowed to play with sharp things.

  2. I was about to say I’d dodged a bullet not being able to hear the first one and then I saw the second one.


    The sloth, CA-REEPY! And I like sloths! It was a sloth, right and not Rocco in his Wolverine pajamas again?

  3. Is that really the proper way to pick up a sloth? I feel like you should sling it on your hip, like a toddler or a koala.

    And that second video is so cringey.

  4. i didn’t watch a single episode of Idol this season but i DID watch every episode of The Soup since 2006 and i’m left wondering if anybody bothered coining this guy McCreepy because, well… yeah.

    while i’m on a roll with unoriginal thoughts while still managing to be totally serious:

    holy CRAP, congrats! yeh haez a baebeh insoid yeh!!!

    1. But he’s from NC so I have to love him at least a little. It’s in the state’s constitution. At least he isn’t a Carolina fan.

      And yes, speaking of creepy, I’m growing a penis.

  5. the Sloth is highly under-rated. My dreams always featured someone famous and usually involved food.. Never McCreery – which is McCreepy — but pairs nicely with pickles…

  6. So..for the record I don’t watch any animal videos of any kind because I’m very, very sensitive. I usually cry and then find out where said animal is living, then go and adopt it.

    My husband and kids are totally over this. My house smells like..well I’ll just leave that to your imagination.

  7. The sloth did make me laugh. Out loud. Yep. Though it is kinda early here so maybe I am sleep deprived? Good stuff. And now I totally get why I was a sloth in another life.

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