Save the Words

I still got nuttin’ for ya, Interwebz.  Well, nothing that I think you’d want anyways.  You’re all welcome to cart off this plague, though.  There seems to be plenty of it to go around.

Still here?

Ok, I’ll help you waste another ten minutes of your day with this beautiful site.

As I’ve said before, I just love words.  I make them up all the time.  We all do, right?  That’s why the dictionary people have to keep reprinting their big, thick tomes after adding words like dude, email, and douchepocalypse.

But this is where it gets sad, Interwebz.  They have to make room for those shiny, new words.  Which means some of the dusty, old, neglected, forlorn words get thrown out with the coffee grinds and egg shells.  What word could possibly deserve such a fate?  (No.  Not even smegma.  You take that back.)

It’s up to us to save the words!  Look, I’ll show you how easy it is.  I’ll use a few of the words I just learned to describe a conversation Rocco and I had just last night.

After a cacatory weekend, I quaeritated Rocco to fetch more toilet paper.  He thought my request was an icasm, so sadly he did not procure any.  In response, I accused him of being a foppotee.  He retorted by calling me a phlyarologist who should join the Republican party.  Though we were both in acrasial states due to our lack of sleep, we somehow managed to keep the argument fairly clean and only resorted to the occasional woundikins.

But my absolute favorite?  Drollic.  It’s an adjective defined as “pertaining to puppet shows.”

What word will you adopt?  Pick your own at Oxford’s Save The Words.  Do it for the kittens.  (But not Mildred.  She’s on my shit list.  Literally.)


  1. omg i love this site! my new baby is “morsicant” an adj. which means producing the sensation of repeated biting or pricking. and used in a sentence:

    jessica simpson is not only like sexual napalm in bed, she’s also a morsicant s&m partner.

  2. I love this one: PHLYAROLOGIST
    This noun entered the English language in 1867 and expired the same year. Pity. It is such an elegant synonym for uninformed, unaware, insensitive, egotistical bobbleheads. It means “A person who speaks nonsense.”
    Sadly, I, sometimes, am one! But unlike most Republicans, I am not ALWAYS a PHLYAROLOGIST.

  3. Foppotee was an SAT word! How fucked up that I remember that.

    My word is DEFENESTRATE. To throw someone out a window. From the latin root fenestra, for window. I would also like to propose the addition of REfenestrate, PREfenestrate, and COUNTERfenestrate. The language of window battles.

  4. Um. Drollic sounds like the method that puppets who have been given the “breath of life” would use to nail you to a giant rotating dart board before hurling man sized projectiles toward your head.
    This would result in your death, in case you were wondering.

    1. You got something against puppets? That’s almost grounds to get you off my blog roll. Ahem.

      Ok seriously I think I fixed it. Stop doing weird things.

  5. I have decided to do my bit and adopt:

    ‘Pilimiction’ – the passing of hair-like bodies in the urine.

    I believe this is how Richard Gere’s gerbil fetish was first discovered.

    Hope your porcelain adventures are past and your nether regions are finally soothed. Be grateful that you didn’t also have a bad case of pilimiction, or did you?

  6. I love words. So much so that I even make up new ones when so inspired. I publish a couple new words once a month on my Peachy to English dictionary. I will have to keep checking back in with you.

  7. Mine is “inveteratist”… means “one who does not take well to change or progression” the sentence they used it in, and OMJ this is classic, is…Her inveteratist father did not take well to her idea for a “Goth Wedding”. Oh hell yes!!!!

  8. I LOVE YOU!!!!!! This so awesome! I don’t even care that any moment my boss could walk by and see me reading non-work related stuff on the bigass monitor that’s facing the stupid door (bad Feng Sui I tell you!)

    I adopted the word MINGENT (“discharging urine”, and I cannot be happier.

  9. I have an idea! Since cell phone suggest some ridiculous suggestions for auto-fill anyway, they should be programed to add in those decaying words to bump up the liklihood of them being used (and looked up!). That way when you want to tell a friend “order me another draught” your phone will helpfully suggest you say, “order me another drollic.” You will send the message without noticing, as one tends to do, and voila! Your friend will have a puppet show waiting for you. Win. WIN.

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