Satisfied Mind

The first time I saw that tall, shiny Sony building peaking out above the trees of Central Park, I knew I wanted to work there.  After all, inside that building was the headquarters of Columbia Records, the label of one Jeff Buckley.

I was entranced by his face as I pulled the stacks of Grace from their cardboard boxes.  The typeface of the title burned onto the backs of my eyes as I filed the discs in front of the brand new “Buckley, Jeff” header card I’d just added to the “B” bin of the rock section.  I waited anxiously until it was my turn to pick the next disc to play over the in-store sound system of Peaches Records and Tapes.

I never stood a chance.  Especially not after I heard his cover of Nina Simone’s “Lilac Wine.”

Eventually I found my way to a tiny cubicle on the 24th floor of that Sony building and a job at the historic Columbia Records, but Jeff was already gone.

Today was Jeff Buckley’s birthday.  I still miss his beautiful brooding self.  I want this song played at my funeral…well at the open bar wild and crazy fiesta that I hope will serve as a funeral…and I can’t think of a better tribute to him on his birthday than posting it here.

Thanks for reminding me it was Jeff’s birthday, Mike.


    1. Maybe that came off more melancholy than I meant. Doh. I just meant it’s a beautiful sentiment and actual pretty upbeat if you cross your eyes. I bet Betty White likes it.

  1. OOooh – wild open bar and fiesta? I can’t wait. Well, I mean, I can, ’cause it would mean you’re dead. So that’d be sad. Hm, maybe you need to have your funeral before you die, so we can all look forward to it without a guilty conscience.

  2. Now I am just wondering if I could get James Franco to cuddle with me and keep me warm while music plays in the background. *mmmmmmmmmmm* (maybe that is me sounding content, maybe it is the sound of a vibrator) One never knows, does one.

  3. One time I had to go into that Sony building to deliver something for my internship. You guys have crazy security over there…

    And for sure, Buckley was a-ma-zing.

  4. My local radio station played Hallelujah this morning for his birthday. Thing is that song almost always makes me cry. Which was NOT how I needed to start the day today.
    Today is a sad anniversary for me. You are not allowed to talk about dying.

    1. Sorry, buttercup. I meant for this to be more of a tribute to his life and the beauty that even the shortest lifetimes can create. Shit, I’m not making this any better, am I…

  5. My husband is a huge Jeff Buckley fan. He was an inspiring talent with the voice of an angel. For some reason, Jeff Buckley and a glass of wine on a Sunday night? A little bit of heaven.

  6. i love Jeff Buckley. in fact, i’ve been learning “Hallelujah” on my uke. and i am super jealous of your awesome job at Columbia Records.

    1. It was a horrible, HORRIBLE job. And fantastic. All at once.

      My mom likes to sing Hallelujah while accompanied on the uke. Sounds like we need a singalong!

      1. A singalong is a must! it’s really the only song I can play…that doesn’t sound like someones being killed by a uke.

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