Thom:  You know, I’ve been thinking about your Twilight situation.

Me:  Yeah?

Thom:  I know how you can get over it.

Me:  What if I don’t want to get over it?  Mmm, Edward…

Thom:  You need to go back to your roots.

Me:  Pardon?

Thom:  Watch the Last of the Mohicans again.

Me:  Stay alive!!

Thom:  I WILL find you!!

Me:  You’re right…Edward is fading from memory.

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  1. the vampire is smoking hot (even if he is totally stoned in tv interviews) but if i could kidnap someone and keep them in like a stone well (see Silence of the Lambs…’it puts tht lotion on its skin’…) it would be Jon Stewart. i would make him write me funny jokes then make out with me. mmmmmm.

    oops, wait, sorry, got a little carried away there- annnnd, i think i just had a hot flash.

    super huggy thanks to you for coming by and adding a spoonful of sugar to my Pajamas and Coffee and for adding me to your coolio blogroll- you are now on mine as well.

    .-= marymac´s last blog ..Great Interview Experiment =-.

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