Rhythm of the Night

What kind of person did you think you’d grow to be when you were younger? Successful? Happy? Confident? Creative? Motivated? Self-sufficient? Nurturing? Eloquent? Vain and self-obsessed?

Yup. I am now the type of person who owns one of these things and younger me is stupefied.

No, that isn’t a bizarre nipple clip. I mean…I guess you could use it that way? But you would have to have very sizeable nipples. And quite a bit of determination. And be into nipple clamps in the first place.

It’s also not a broken diaphragm.

One does wonder if LED diaphragms are a thing of the future. At least this one does. But this one also has a sort of flighty attention span and tends to wonder a lot of things. Like if future generations will find bags of unopened snack packs of Sunchips in landfills and use them for sustenance when all the crops stop growing.

It’s been so gray for SO long that Rocco finally got tired of me moving from room to room with this laptop trying to find enough light to do a ukulele video. So much so that he said the words I’d been dreading. “Do you want me to get you a light rig?”

Fun fact: you can’t complain about lighting in front of a theatre electrician. Otherwise, you end up with “gels” and “incandescent-replicating bulbs” and lots of equations shot at you about joules and watts and things that make your eyes glaze over.

We do not have the space, the budget, nor the ego (ok, maybe the ego) to accommodate a “light rig.” So in compromise, I promised to try a ring light AND HOLY SHIT. I can’t say it made a big difference on making a uke video, but READER…this is me having not showered in three days without a lick of make-up trying this damn light out…

So now I’m just going to put this thing on a selfie stick, wear a battery pack, and never leave the house again without my own “light rig.” It’s like digital makeup, rejuvenating serum, dry shampoo, and pore minimizer all in one.

The fountain of youth is an LED light ring, apparently. Suck it, Oprah.

And on that note, today’s Ukulele Fridays is brought to you by a song from my youth that wedged itself in my brain a few weeks ago and WOULD NOT GO AWAY. I had the grays AND the Debarges. Enjoy the earworm. And the weekend!


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