Rhymes With Splat

So first?  You guys rock.  Almost as hard as the incredibly gorgeous Sarah.  I have nothing but big squishy cartoon hearts for you all.  Well, that and a whole mess of gratitude.  But I’m not going to talk about that anymore today because it’s Friday, I need something fluffy, and I haven’t told you a thing about Maryland.

Brangelina?  So 2009.  Speidi?  Over and done.  The new power couple for 2010 is Gwatt.  (Note: This is what happens when I spend eight hours trapped in a car with my little brother.  He also thinks Rocco and I should be referred to as Roccolly.  As in “Choppin Roccolly.”  THAT won’t be happening.)

I’ve spent the last several days in Maryland helping Matt and Gwen plan the wedding of the century.  So far, everyone is still breathing without the aid of any respirators and no one has any broken appendages.  Thus, I’d say the trip was a success.

Although Gwatt still claims there isn’t enough room in the tent for a mechanical bull.  I call shenanigans.

On one of our four hundred and seventeen errands, we stopped by the jeweler to drop off Matt’s wedding band for engraving.

“What do you want it to say?” asked the engraver.

“I dunno,” answered Matt.

“Put the wedding date – you’ll thank me later,” I interrupted.

The jeweler nodded.  “It’s saved many a marriage.”  Matt looked doubtful, but agreed.  “Anything else?” continued the jeweler.

We all looked at Gwen.  She was engrossed in a case of silver earrings.

“Can I have your business card?  Perhaps we’ll call later with some additional wording.”  I took the card from the jeweler.  “Is that possible?”

“Oh certainly!  We can even engrave it some time farther down the line if you’d like.  In fact, I had a woman in here just the other day looking to add some engraving to her wedding band.  This was years after the actual ceremony.”

“Yeah?” prodded Matt.

“Yup,” continued the jeweler.  “She was in the middle of what sounded like a pretty messy divorce.  She asked if I could simply add the word ‘up’ before the existing engraving.”

“Up?” asked a confused and adorably innocent Matt.

“The inside of the ring originally said ‘Yours Truly.'”


  1. Omg, love the Roccolly – I would definitely if I was Gwen put Gwatt. Awesome. Try to stay away from Twatt though. Don’t want the kids asking, Mommy whats twatt?

  2. marry me and we can be punkbug. please, pretty, please with polka dots on top of our cake and a mechanical bull in the fire hall?

  3. Where in Maryland were you?! It’s somewhat comforting to think we might be within spitting distance of one another.
    I got my husband two rings because I just fucking knew the first one would get lost in a drunken game of find the shiny thing on the bottom of the swimming pool when everyone ran out of quarters.
    For the record I spent the better part of the weekend like Madison from Splash scouring the deep and shallow ends and recovered it.
    Now we have a back up, just in case.

  4. I guess me and Hubby would be Stike or Macey. Hmmm.


    PS- unless I used “Spot” instead of my real name. Then we’d be Spike. Yep. That rules.

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