Revisits from Yesteryear – Real Genius

As I’m new to this whole blogging thing I decided to choose a subject near and dear to my heart, namely the rewatching of movies that unequivocally rock.  As my first installment I chose a cinematic gem from the 80’s featuring the pre-“Gay Perry” Val Kilmer.  I’d list the other people in this film, but except for maybe two of the actors you probably have no idea who they are.   The impetus of choosing this exact movie is my decision to switch back to netflix after deciding that blockbuster’s online rental policy, in its present iteration, is the biggest waste of money I have yet to encounter outside of edible g-strings.  When I was going through their watch it now list I came across RG and knew that it was time to let Chris Knight back into my life.  Having made such a bold decision, I dusted off my fuzzy slippers and was ready to determine if the movie holds up to the brilliance that I remembered it possessing.

The verdict, of fucking course it does its goddamn Real Genius.  What surprised me is how current most of its themes still are, the government using research of people who are unaware that their ideas can be used as weapons, the petty jocking for rank in an organization, the assassination of people who are considered harmful to this country as decided by a couple of people in closed rooms, and the joy that can be brought about with popcorn.  If its been awhile since you last rented this movie you must rent it.  Its a moral imperative.


  1. OMG I LOVE RG! I’ve actually just stayed up all night and knit you this sweater.

  2. Fantastic movie ! Most of the pranks pulled in that movie are taken from real pranks pulled at MIT or Caltech.

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