Paul has decided we won’t be recording a new ukulele video today.  He decided that at one am this morning and has been reminding me with a determination that is rather daunting.  So you get an old video instead.  But it tee-otally meets our VD criteria.

Now if you”ll excuse me, I”m off to shove my tits in some guys face.  TGIMFBT.


  1. *waves lighter in the air*
    *curtains go up in flames*
    *runs to locate fire extinguisher*
    *tries to figure out fire extinguisher*
    *runs for a cup of water*
    *remembers this is 2012*
    *waves iphone in the air*

    You are adorbs any way you slice it.

  2. Urgent , Emergency! You’re as cold as ice! I had a Foreigner relapse.
    Back in college there was this guy who would bring gals back to his dorm room, insist on silence and then play various 80s rock ballads to convey his feelings.
    If you tried to speak, you would be shushed immediately.

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