Rainy Days and Mondays

Even when you aren’t doing the nine to five commuter grind, there’s something about Mondays that gives a gal pause – especially rainy Mondays.  They usually send my mood in two possible directions.  Option A – they’re the rotten, wormy cherry on top of the depression sundae.  Option B – they’re an absolutely magical excuse to cocoon, hide from the world and sink into your own mind.  In either case, Rainy Days and Mondays is the perfect soundtrack.

Now, I swoon just as much as the next person when I hear Karen Carpenter‘s crystalline voice, but I’ll take Cracker’s version over hers any day.  There’s something about the rawness and lack of polish in their version that really speaks to me.  The vocals are tragically listless, seeping into my very core.  The guitar cord in the bridge that follows the lyric “nice to know somebody loves me” is so self-effacing my heart just melts.

That song sounded so good, I almost wish it were raining.