The trees look like Muppets this morning – their leaves bouncing in disjointed, hyper-animated movements, beckoning and warning me simultaneously.  There I see an alligator.  Over there, just above the doorway, I see a small crab.  Then suddenly the wind ceases and so do they.

I love the rain.  Not just because it knocks down all the pollen and allows me to breathe through my nose.  I also love how it smells, especially when it hits warm earth.  And I love that rush of wind that comes just before the first drop, like a deep inhalation of breath before the sky sings.

But most of all, I love the colors the rain brings – vibrant technicolor hues so intense they seem to drip from the shiny leaves and saturated awnings.  The tiny mica flecks glitter in the concrete.  The veins that spider through each piece of granite gravel revel in their brief moment of pronounced glory.  Walls of brick return to the deep red of the Carolina clay from whence they came.

And when the sun finally returns, everything will be clean and ready for her arrival.

P.S.  I Sprocketed.  Seems you can bid on some of the Unabomber’s possessions.  Because who wouldn’t want those, right?  I know, I feel dirty, too.  I’m gonna go stand out in that rain for a bit myself.


  1. There is nothing at all dirty about bidding on the unhinged warblings of one shack dwelling mad man.
    Than manifesto would be great fun to read at parties!

      1. You know I’m always available for heavy petting and blow jobs. Because as Catholic girls we always maintained that you could keep that virginity intact while getting things done.

          1. In the backseat of my high school boyfriends car. Which incidentally was parked in the abandoned parking lot of the old drive through

  2. Was expecting a critique on the musical show you viewed recently. This was nice. er.

  3. That was like poetic and stuff. You never cease to amaze me. Do you think that I could sell Sean’s items on Ebay? He hasn’t killed anyone. Yet.


  4. I love the rain too. But I have some conditions that are required for optimum rain enjoyment.
    1. There’s not too much of it
    2. It happens when the sun is also out (see “sun shower”)
    3. My son is in daycare.

    If any of these are contravened I’m going to have trouble with the rain. Recently I had, a literal, “perfect storm”.
    After three days of relentless, pouring rain, and grey skies I sat on a drift of washing with my 4 years son who was sitting around my neck.
    Him: It’s raining
    Me: yep
    Him: When will it stop?
    Me: Never. I will never stop.
    Him: I want to go outside.
    Me: Yep. I know.
    Him: Can I watch TV, eat chocolate and play on your iphone all at the same time.
    Me: Yep. Knock yourself out.
    I’m not a bad mother, just a desperate one.

  5. I’m giving a nice big analog Facebook “Like” thumbs up of which you can’t see because this comment’s digital

  6. I love the smell of rains. And the sound of raindrops. I love walking in the rain too, getting soaked. I have not done that for a long time now. This brings back all the wonderful memories from when I was spontaneous.

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