Radio, Radio

This morning I awoke to the sweet dulcet tones of Mildred wailing as she tried to claw her way out of the water bowl she’d somehow fallen into around 6am.  Seriously.  I’m starting to wonder if managed to find a kitten even dumber than Lucy.

Thanks for all the sweet comments and notes yesterday, Interwebz.  I didn’t mean to get all somber on y’all.  It was a moment of weakness.  Forgive me.  Besides, I just get all weepy and emotional when you people are nice to me.  Weepy and emotional isn’t really my thing.  So stop it.  STAT.  If I was banging Justin Timberlake in real life (as opposed to the crazy things we do in my head) I would make him sing you a song entitled, “I’m Bringing Snarky Back.”  And then we would have a giant dance-off Soul Train style.

You should really try one of these pills.

Driving out to the house-to-be-if-I-can-just-sell-this-fucking-apartment-and-why-the-hell-isn’t-saint-joe-working-yet-damnit yesterday, Rocco tried to torment me with talk radio.  I don’t do well with talk radio for long periods of time.  (I feel the same way about free-from jazz, frankly.  You can keep your Monk, Mingus, and Davis.  I’d rather listen to Fitzgerald, Armstrong, and Simone.)  After seven minutes of drivel about “all brain” job postings, I begged him to consider trying the FM band for a wee bit.

After minimal surfing, we landed on Gnarls Barkley’s “Crazy.”  I triple-dog-dare you to listen to that song and not sing along.  It’s almost as addictive as “Hey Ya!” – almost.

So there I am, mouth wide open, head thrown back wailing, “Maybe I’m craaaaaay-zaaaaay.  Maybe you’re craaaaaay-zaaaaay,” as we barreled down I-78.  As I dipped my head down, gulping in air or my next big note, my eyes landed on the woman in the car next to us.  She too, was gulping air.  Then just as the words “Maybe we’re…” filled the air, lady in the car next to us threw her head back, clearly belting out “craaaaaay-zaaaaay!” in the confines of her own car.

She caught me watching and immediately clamped her mouth closed.  I gave her a wink, and added a little seat shimmying to my sing-a-long.  She pumped her fist and waved, as we continued to mouth the lyrics in unison.

It made me a wee bit nostalgic for the days of high-school car pooling.  When a great song would come on the radio, and you’d roll down your window, stick out your hand, and try and signal the station’s frequency to the cars behind you with gestures or by yelling out the window at stop lights.

A single finger.  Then a fist.  Then both hands out the window, one splayed wide, the other in a piece sign.  Then a finger jab in the air.  Finally one hand, again splayed wide.  We’d watch as the passenger in the car behind us bent over the dashboard, spinning the knob till landing on 107.5, immediately nodding in recognition of the blaring guitar while the rest of the kids in the car moved to the beat.

That never happens when I’m listening to my iPod walking down Broadway.  Though I do see a lot of single fingers sticking out of rolled-down car windows.

Now I’m going to directly rip off the musically inspired Andrea and give you a theme song for today.


  1. Bwahahaha, I think I just woke up the asshats in the Clown House. Yes, I realize it’s 1pm. But they don’t. I didn’t realize I had the sound turned up so loud on here and that song starts out string!!! Hell Yes!!!

    Sometimes Drama Queen and I go for rides just to sing along with the radio (commercials included) Ahhhh, good times!
    .-= Wicked Shawn´s last blog ..I’m Going To Have To Start Training For More Sex =-.

  2. LOL I love to sing in the car. Some people seem to be embarrassed when they get caught, and I’ve heard of people who even go so far as to hold their cell phone up to their ear and pretend to be on the phone. I’m like – who cares, as long as no one can actually HEAR me!
    .-= Aunt Juicebox´s last blog ..We Heart You, Daffy =-.

  3. Hey, every day is a different song in my life. Most of the time, though, there are several playing in my head at the same time. Unfortunately, sometimes the Wiggles or the Fresh Beat Band get mixed in with the good stuff.

  4. Whether you’re driving near or far, the radio ensures you’re not alone in your car. Or some shit like that.

    Keep your head up.

  5. i love this song!!!! huge!!!! one of my all times faves. and one i sang at the top of my lungs in my car. this one and watching the detectives and oliver’s army and OMG this post just made so fucking happy!
    .-= patty punker´s last blog ..perfect couples bore me =-.

  6. That’s so true! I totally miss carpooling and when a great song comes on the radio, blasting it and everyone jamming! Gawd, I haven’t thought about that for years. I so miss it.

    Blah, back to my iPod.

  7. That was fucking awesome…I love that song… I saw him in concert a few years back….and yes, I think I will try one of those pills….after I get home…after 13 hours+ at work.
    .-= mepsipax´s last blog ..Clown Car Vaginas =-.

  8. Um. Apparently I’m the only one who doesn’t like that song. Oh well. I’m used to my music tastes not being popular. I hope this doesn’t ruin our friendship.

    I sing everywhere. Yesterday, I started singing to Lu in Radio Shack when an 80’s song came on the muzak. I even held up my cell phone like a microphone. She was totally embarrassed and begged me to stop. So of course I sang louder. Because that’s how I roll.

    Can we please bring snarky back?

    .-= Spot´s last blog ..The one where the nightmare quest continues… =-.

  9. Absolutely a very singable song. I love singing in the car! I don’t care if anyone sees me. Well, maybe just a smidge, but I keep singing anyway. I’m off to an appointment and will now make a point of singing in the car!
    .-= Kernut´s last blog ..Dating Advice From The Unqualified =-.

  10. I listen only to NPR nowadays. For some reason I cannot get a music station I like. Sign of me becoming an old fart I am sure. When I was young and not in this country, we all listened to the one station playing American music (a left over from the US army occupation, uh, sorry, I meant station…) I remember making cassettes from the radio since I didn’t have a double deck. Wow. the memories…
    .-= subWOW´s last blog ..Rule No.1: Always log off your account when you step away =-.

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