No, don’t panic.  I’m not about to slaughter Urethra Franklin.  I just can’t seem to come up with a witty title for this uke post.  Song titles should lend themselves easily to having the word “uke” stuck in them somewhere, damnit.  Also Thin Mints should be available year round.

Where was I?

Right!  So We Took the Bait requested this one….and a whole mess of other songs but this is the only one that didn’t intimidate the bejeezus out of me.  Plus who doesn’t love Erasure?  I mean, they did the soundtrack for Unicorn Robot Attack!

Happy Friday, lovelies.  Someone drink a box of wine for me, k?  *looks pointedly at Patty*


  1. My freezer is packed with a years supply of thin mints. Being the girl scout leader has a few perks besides making you wildly appealing to burly bearded mountain men who would ravish you only for your survival skills and baby making hips.
    Anyway, I don’t do well without my friday uke so thank you for staying regular and remaining adorably talented.
    Did you know that if you Google Robert Pattinson after typing the R, O, B, Robot Unicorn Attack is the number one search?
    Screw you all. Yes I google Robert Pattinson.

    1. You have no idea how close I came to skipping it this week…so thanks for making me feel worthwhile. And big hipped. And like you can see my beard.

  2. Good God you are adorable!*swoon*

    If only I’d have learned how to talk to girls about ukeleles as a teenager, instead of paying attention velociraptors. Dirty fuckin’ velociraptors!

    1. I just recently learned that the dirty fucking velociraptors are in league with the filthy spinosaurus.

  3. I love this, dude. It’s better than Erasure’s version. Seriously. You always sound so sweet, no one would know you’re actually a dirty lady who is obsessed with vaginas and unicorns and Rod Stewart (yes you are).

  4. dude. that was so… perfect. i totally agree that i enjoy your rendition over the original, too. this also just reminded me that i’ve been putting off practice for far too long today. YOU’RE SO INSPIRATIONAL DAMMIT!!!

  5. I thought it was morning sickness-related too. Glad it’s not. Who’s wants to puke first thing in the morning? Sheesh.

    …Unless you were out drinking with Brad Pitt the night before.

  6. You see, Randy would say that was a little pitchy. But I’d tell him to fuck off. Then I’d invite him to my Frank Sinatra Walking Tour of Hoboken.

  7. This song becomes an anthem when sung by you. Or maybe I’m just really needing to get a little respect myself. Either way, love it!

  8. I am drinking a bottle of wine out of my box.

    Does that count?

    You are fucking adorable. And cute and why the hell do are you snotty because of the fuck trophy?

    One more reason for me to put on a dental dam I guess.

    1. Your box and it’s wine delight me, as per usual. And I’m as confused as you are about this snot thing but one book said if I have it now I’ll have it the whole time. So yay. Sigh.

  9. To be honest, in the seven months since I met you at BlogHer, this is the first ukelele session I’ve actually watched (long story why). And now I’m all emo because of well, Erasure. If you get multiple hits from my IP address over the next couple days, you know why, as I visit all of such ukelele blog entries.

    1. Oh lord. I’m pretty sure you shouldn’t watch those in bulk. I’d hate to be the reason you ran screaming from your home into oncoming traffic.

  10. Good god woman you take cute to the highest level.

    Oh and the mucus thing, you need to make friends with it as it’s going to be round for a while. Wait till you start reading about your mucus plug, good times.

    1. I tell you, if I’d had any real idea fo what I was in for, I’m not so sure I would have pulled the goalie. I should go on tour with Bristol Palin preaching abstinence.

  11. Okay, I just did a special “nose stop itching” ceremony in my backyard. You’ll be happy to know that it involved drinking a box of wine. And nudity. But you don’t need to concern yourself with that. Although if I show up pregnant in a few weeks, I’m not going to be happy about it. Anyway. You’re welcome. Loved this song, too. I love motherfuckin’ukeday. A lot more than I love motherfuckinburgerkingday, lemme tell ya.

  12. You know, I just noticed this very nice Chili’s coupon at the bottom of your blog and now I wish I had some Chili’s food. Great. That ad is working just fine. Sadly, it is now gone. Should have jumped on it when I had the chance. Next time I’ll know.

  13. I thought this was going to be about Morning sickness too, and I am VERY HAPPY to find out NO. Thank goodness!!! I srly love that Nasal tone in your voice. 🙂

    And dear Elly, that GLOW. Oh that GLOW! I wish I could bottle it up and sell it at cosmetic counters then we will become rich and get that island already!

  14. Like other brilliant readers, I, too, thought this post would be about morning sickness without a sound fiscal policy, there can be no austerity. The previous 10 words were just typed by Now Husband Dan when I walked away from the computer. They sort of round out what I was saying, don’t you think?


  15. Hooray!

    Thanks so much for the dedication!

    And the Erasure!

    I’ll have to come up with some less intimidating songs.

    Like…. “Bring the Noise” by Public Enemy?

    I think Chuck D originally wrote that one exclusively for ukulele….

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