Protect Your Unicorn


looks like you guys may still have to bash my brains in, after all.

While I wait for these nine doses of Pepto to have some sort of positive impact, I’ll distract you with these adorable videos that the adorable Sister Mary Hellish sent to me.

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  1. How could I not send them? Everyone knows the cure for what ails you is an adorable, rainbow loving, flame-retardant unicorn with the ability to take down Dolf Lundgren, who, clearly, is a whole vat-o-douche for agreeing to any commerical that makes light of unicorn abuse!

    I hope it helps! I really do!

  2. oh no! not the unicorns! the double rainbow dude is gonna be pissed!

    i hope you feel better soon! please don’t turn into a zombie. the emotional torment brought on by killing brain eating loved ones is almost unbearable…i would know.

  3. Is it bad that I read that as “Protect Your Vagina”? Thank god it turned out to be a unicorn. Dolph Lundgren using a flame thrower on an innocent little rainbow haloed vagina would have been very disturbing.

  4. These are way beyond awesome! I need the Save the Words site now to find a word that means Unicorn Power Blasting Head Awesome. Off to tweet now.

    Oh. Sorry you are back to drinking the pink stuff. Off to tweet, FB, Stumble this now. Bye.

    Oh don’t forget to protect your unicorn. Unicorn can mean so many things. We need a tshirt for this.

    Oh apparently my head has been blasted off too. Bye.

  5. Yay for the Unicorn. And how did a guy named Dolph get to be so mean? Dolph is sort of like Dolphin, and Dolphins are so nice. A guy named Dolph should be coaching 4-year-old soccer and playing Santa Claus at Christmas. Wake UP, Dolph.

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