Premature Uke-ulation

Damn if I didn’t have all these grandiose plans for a witty post about soy sauce today, but then I saw this post on Ukulele Hunt and all my plans when to shit.

Seriously, it’s like magical fairies drank a box of Franzia then decided to concoct the most perfect thing in the entire world just for me.  I swear I’m not exaggerating.  What happens when you combine kazoos, recorders, adorable accents, ukuleles AND Justin Timberlake?  This is probably the best video ever made in the history of all time – EVER.  Brace yourself, Interwebz…

I know!!!  They’re freaky and they know it, right?  I’m still breathing heavy myself.  In fact, I might need a moment here to watch that another forty-seven times.

The only thing that could possibly make it better would be a unicorn.  Well, sitting here watching it with honest to goodness JT might make it a little better.  Then again, I haven’t showered yet so it’s probably for the best he’s not here.  (Just in case you’re in dire need of some uke-icorn action try this one.)

Only after I’ve spent twenty minutes blathering on about how magic this tailor-made video is do I realize that it’s having been tailor made (by fairies! and tiny giraffes!) for me by definition pretty much guarantees it doesn’t really fit anyone else.  So no one can possibly love this video as much as I love this video.  Which means you’re all bored to tears and scratching your head wondering why I’m so in love with this video.

So maybe I should go ahead and tell you my soy sauce story.  Though after 250 words of buildup it really can’t possibly live up to your expectations.  Then again, after billing that video as the best thing since vibrator manufacturers switched to AA batteries, you’re expectations are probably pretty damn low at this point. Worst case I’ll just hammer another nail into the coffin we’ll affectionately call “I Don’t Get This Chick’s Sense of Humor.”

I’ll try and keep it short.  There’s this thing called Freecycle where you can post things you don’t want anymore and snag things that other people no longer need.  For example, when we put the house on the market (twice) I posted a printer and some furniture on Freecycle and within hours, people came and carted them away!

I get an email from them everyday with the latest listings…like this one.  I’m thinking about reserving myself a u-haul so I can carry away all the spoils.


  1. Oh man, that video IS great! Wow. Adding to my list of unconventional musicians, right next to Reggie Watts.

    I can’t help but notice the trend where young dorky looking guys are getting really popular. Of course this would happen when I’m months from 30. No justice in this world.

    1. Don’t you dare! I like vibrating tubas and water beds at least as much as the next girl. Unless that next girl is you. Then I’m probably woefully behind.

      1. This? No, this isn’t a camera. With all the vibration, you’d never get a decent video. Of course, without the vibration, I’m not sure it’d be “decent” anyway. Rrowr.

      1. OK, that’s cool. Does Justin Timberlake play the tuba? Because I think he would TOTALLY ROCK the TUBA! (With or without Tuba lube)

          1. Is everybody making out while I am at work? Damnit!!! I miss everything! Tuba Lube is clearly the greatest thing evah! Except JT! And KY. And KYA. And Tom. Really, Tuba Lube is falling pretty low on the list!

  2. You’d be surprised what people will want, simply because it’s cheap/free. Like the time I had a yard sale and put a bunch of lacy panties out on the table. Yes, pre-worn (washed, or course). I hate lacy panties and was never going to wear them. My sister came over to help out and was all, “Like ANYONE is going to want THESE” and then, sure enough, two women, NOT my size, came along and bought those panties. They must love wedgies.

  3. THATS not a guy. That’s a Muppet!

    Doesn’t getting Muppet fur in your mouth drive you crazy?

    Umm… not like I know what that tastes like or anything…

  4. Trying to catch up on my blog reading, but am now totally stuck on this. And just when I thought it couldn’t get any better there was the keyboard guitar. Be still my 80s heart. You just made my day 🙂

  5. Ok. it’s time for me to actually post a comment. That video was frickin brilliant man. I had a shit day and now it just got WAY better. The only thing better is if YOU were doing the UKE playing. Cheers love!

  6. Ok, that was incredible! What was that pronged instrument? Never see that one before.

    I love talented men and I’d so do these guys! You know what makes me want them more? the awkwardness at the end. Brilliant!

  7. OHMAHGOSH. that was FANTASTICAL! i need to change my pants now… i may have piddled a little from the excitement.

    my life is forever changed by that video.

    *clicks play for the 100th time*


  8. I’m fucking pissed I missed it all.

    Seriously laughing my pants off right now…

    Um…also did you know that I have an entire collection of percussion instruments…shaker eggs, cowbells tambourines etc. I did sell my conga drums but we could totally do something with my shaker eggs.
    You let me know sweetheart and don’t everthing that your humor is lost on me….I see you.

    And if you need more elipses I have a stockpile in my pocket.

      1. I just realized this: We need more single readers for your blog! This way there is a higher chance of us being able to crash a wedding in the near future!

  9. It’s like that one time I posted on eBay the jars of Taco Bell sauces that I have collected. I even separated them in to separate jars! And don’t mock the soy sauce posting: You can never have too much soy sauce. I got my nice tan from generations of soy sauce imbibing. Now please let me know if there is a posting for Arby’s Sauces. Srly. We go nuts in our house for them!

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