Pregnant Women are Smug

Seriously, I’m thinking about adding a toll booth on my kayak because the amount of traffic going in and out of there there days is enough to put LiLo to shame.  Yet again I planned poorly for an early morning appointment so you’re going to have to settle for a video today.  (Though there’s an article over on Sprocket about how much Jesus loves pole dancing.)

And while it’s “just a video,” it’s a wickedly awesome video.  Pinky swears.  (Thanks to KG for sending it to me!)

And be sure to come back tomorrow for my just-under-two-feet surprise.  Here’s a clue: it involves citrus, and by the end of next week it’ll belong to one of you.


  1. Oh, oh that’s the ukulele girl from Raising Hope and another sitcom (Scrubs, I think) she’s AWESOME. Which isn’t to say that you AREN’T awesome, just that you know, she’s on TV and stuff.

    I’m going to stop talking now.

      1. Oh hi.
        This is where Dufmanno comes out and tells everyone that she has spent the last twelve hours laboring under the delusion that today is Friday.
        Apparently it’s Thursday.
        Because I don’t follow societies rules regarding space and time I was living out my Friday SECRET reveal disappointment in the alternate reality I reside in.
        Carry on.

  2. pregnant women are smug
    *speeds up*
    especially about their secret
    your clue can eat it
    everyone knows it nobody says it
    you’re such a tease now
    because you’re pregnant

  3. You make me so happy that you posted this video. Last year around this time…or maybe it was two years ago, I sent this video to a pregnant friend thinking she had a sense of humor.

    Boy was I mistaken. You should have heard the crazy, shakey voiced email I got from her wondering what my passive aggressive problem was.

    I don’t think I am really friends with her anymore.

    1. God, I hate it when the quivery shakey voice comes out.
      It always makes me feel like I’ve just unintentionally stepped on the throat of an innocent.
      Even if I have actually had my boot on someones neck.

      1. That person’s neck deserved your boot. No doubt. In fact you should probably get Henry to help. Because I am sure his boot has hidden death spikes cloaked in “out in the open scare you to death spikes.” XOXO-AVB

  4. 90% of my pregnant friends unfriended me on facebook after i posted that. i have a total of 5 FB friends now. *shrug* who knew some people loose their sense of humor once they get knocked up. you my friend, are an exception to the rule. and that is why i adore you.

  5. I’m terrified to post this on Facebook due to my smug pregnant friends but I’m doing it anyway. Thanks in advance for helping weed out a few I’ve been trying to get rid of.

  6. I love this video, it gets funnier everytime I see it. Really, I just love Garfunkel and Oates. We once spent almost two solid hours with some friends just watching their videos. Fant-ab-u-lous.

    Well, okay, there may have been some drinking going on as well.

  7. Fricken’ hilarious. The ‘glowers’ are the most smug. At prenatal classes I wanted to punch the glowers. With their rosy fricken cheeks and blissful happiness and “oh I feel so good” and “I have found my calling”. Whilst I sat there willing the spawn of Satan to leave my body and stop jumping on my bladder. Bite me bitches. As my farting, drink wine in front of me, son of a bitch, sperm donor said at the time, pregnancy brought out my not so inner, bitch. Really the fact I didn’t knife him at least once during each of those 9 months of hell, shows how much I love him.

  8. The calendar and my iPhone confirm that it’s Friday.
    One last guess.
    Since it involves citrus I’m going with reanimated corpse of Marlon Brando doing his Godfather “orange monster death scene”
    The under two feet would be because he’s missing his legs.

  9. Of course you love” Sex with Ducks”. You can never go wrong with two girls in a tub.

  10. Awesome! Love it! Totally my experience. When does the sequel regarding new mothers come out?

  11. I’m currently pregnant & I thought this was hysterical. So true, although I try not to be. Feeling too sick to make those comments. Please tell me it will get better…or film a new song to tell me…I deserve it!

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