Ponies, Sneakers, and a Ukulele Winner

I have to share some more of these pony photos with you people.  While somewhere in the deep recesses of my rational mind I realize it’s possible that the rest of the world doesn’t find them as overwhelmingly amusing as I do, I just don’t believe that to be true.   So now you have to look at them, too.  Heh.

Princess Muffintop is obviously a big fan of the Weather Girls:

It's snowing here. Keds would hurt less.

Tom G. decided to mash up his love for Lilo’s crotch with Jerrod’s masterpiece.  Because obviously:

All of LiLo is furry and musty smelling apparently.

Then Abigail took a break from getting her PhD to pop Paula Deen’s well-greased head onto this poor guy’s body:

Butter optional.

And my personal favorite from Stephanie a.k.a. Simply Melme:

NPH, a mini pony AND a laser cat?!?

Oh and I did remember to uke today, but just barely.  You can blame today’s song on Jerrod.   Not that he requested this song.  But he requested a song that made me want to do this song instead.   So go figure.  Also?  I apologize in advance for what you’re about to watch.

So that just about wraps it up for today, right?  See you next week, bitches!

Oh wait, I’m supposed to announce a winner or something….

*cue drum roll*

Well the good news is I don’t have to worry about Hellachella showing up on my doorstep with a machete and a fresh set of ukulele strings.  Probably.

So congratulations!  Email me your address and I’ll get Archibald on his way.   Also?   I expect to see many videos of you two rocking out and saying Canadian things like “aboot” and “till.”

And thanks to everyone else that entered!  Now I’m going to wallpaper my bathroom with pony pictures.


  1. *runs into the patio door from excitement*
    *swallows tongue*
    *flaps arms*
    *jumps on sofa*
    *falls off sofa*
    *jumps on sofa again*
    *gets tangled in the throw blanket*

  2. Okay. That’s fine. She kind of deserved it. Fair is fair. On the plus side? I’m pretty inspired by this song and I might get a uke and learn somethin on it. So how’s that. Boom.

      1. You are just too damned cute for words.

        I wouldn’t have pegged you for a digital underground groupie. there aren’t many (read: any) things that remind me of the humpty dance.

        Great video (although I have to admit I spent the 1st part of it watching the cat trying to get out of the room before giving up.)

  3. Ah well! You can’t win ’em all and like I said, “There can be only one!”

    Congrats hellachella! Treat him well.

  4. So losing kinda was okay since it went to THAT Canadian and you totally uked out Humpty. And you said my name so it’s official you know me.

    Mission accomplished. Now get going on the song I ordered.


  5. Thank you for that 5 minutes of amusement. Dear god, that song goes on…..
    Anyway. I was in a grumpy mood, as it’s “wintry mix”ing out there, which sucks in itself but has also nullified ALL of my weekend plans with the exception of doing my taxes and cleaning my bathroom.

    I think I might spend the rest of the afternoon watching all the videos of you playing the ukelele. In case I missed some the first time.

  6. Like I just told you over pickles, you and your nation are an art form. I can only stand at the velvet rope and gawk. And Congrats Hellachella!! I’ve seen your uke and he rocks the house.

  7. Sigh. Well, I came in 5th and 8th, but I can’t compete with someone who simultaneously wins and comes in 2nd! I wish you many happy uke-days, hella!

      1. Not a whole lot of risk there.. except maybe downtown train because, FYI, TOM WAITS wrote that and it should be reclaimed.

  8. I COULD throw a tantrum a la my 2 year old, but instead I will tell you the three things that just made me happy. 1. Hellachella won, as she should have. 2. I LOVE anything involving laser-shooting cats. 3. I get to look forward to the most awesome rendition of “We are the world” of all time. Welcome to the world, Archie!

      1. Of COURSE I love Herbert, that’s a given. He is what inspired me to enter the contest (well… that and I love the color orange). Herbert is the O.G. Uke. And just like that, I have professed my love AND gangsta-ized an inanimate object. Word.

  9. Congratulations Chella!
    Now let’s see a furious Uke-off.
    Dueling strings and wits!

  10. dayum, why didn’t i think of paula deen licking a pony! loved stefanie’s photo, too. congrats to hellachella. can’t wait to hear what she names him/her.

  11. Stumbled upon your rousing rendition of the Digital Underground’s The Humpty Dance through The Yellow Factor. Thanks for the entertainment.

    If it’s ok with you, I will read and follow this blog. Happy Friday.

  12. “Come here, are ya ticklish?” Lol! Best uke song ever. It totally makes me want to spring break it up.

    Congrats, Hellachella!

  13. Yay! And thank God I didn’t have to make a Play Doh Uke for HellaChelle. I mean, I’m more of a finger painter.

    I’ll even buy you crackers and some licorice.

  14. Whew. I was having anxiety that Hellachella wouldn’t win. Not really. But I do think it was well deserved. The rest of you freaks need to try harder next time. 🙂

  15. my mind cannot handle the overwhelming amount of awesomeness contained in this post.
    where do i begin?
    umm awesome pony-rainbow-NPH-laser-cat picture *mind blown*
    the freakin humpty dance on the ukulele *brain explodes* no srsly, if that was on itunes i would buy it, for shizz.

    and i cannot wait for Hellachella to start posting uke-y videos! woohoo!

    ps…i wanna cuddle with your kitty. yep.

  16. A wise man once wrote…

    “I like to rhyme,
    I like my beats funky,
    I’m spunky. I like my oatmeal lumpy.”

    … then came the youtubez and fun was had by all, except for ponies. they’re pre-occupied with being exploited on the interwebz by face pasters. Fooooorrr shame!

    Cheers :p

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