Picking Favorites

Welcome to the end of 2009, bitches.

I can’t decide how I’d rate the year.  It was five million times better than 2008, and not just because the lack of toxic chemicals being pumped into my system allowed me to remember and experience the year.  That certainly helped, though.  Then again I went and drank a whole mess of other memory hazing (though considerably less toxic) beverages.  But most of that wine was consumed while I was off gallivanting, visiting damn near every relative I could find in the continental US.  That’s a ginormous check in the plus column.

It’s also been a crazy emotional and trying year.  Then again, aren’t they all?  I mean, I didn’t actually get a handbook but I think if you flipped to the “trouble shooting” section, under the heading of “this shit is really crazy emotional and trying” the life handbook would respond, “Suck it – this is what you signed up for.”

So in the spirit of New Years reflections, and impending crusty hangovers, I decided a quick list of favorites was in order.  Yes, it’s ridiculously trite to whip up a Best-o-BugginWord list, but it’s my blog and I’ll list if I want to, damnit.  Such is Elly.

Shartle Place
A Thing of Beauty

Favorite Photo Received

Oh how do I love this photo?  Let me count the ways.  1 – This is photographic proof that someone reads my blog, or at least the post on my new favorite word.  2 – Are you kidding me?  It says “Shartle Place” there plain as day and it wasn’t even photoshop-ed on there!  3 – Apparently the photographer made her husband turn the car around in the pouring rain (probably) with a screaming kid in the back seat (maybe) to take a pic for her favorite writer of all time (most definitely).  I get all misty from the shartle-themed love that abounds!  4 – It STILL says fucking “Shartle Place” right there on an honest to God street sign!  I don’t know how, but I’m going to drag Rocco down to NC so we can get a stellar photo with that sign for next year’s holiday card.  Thank you, Kris.  If I made a list of favorite people on the planet earth, you would rank solidly in the top 914 for that fantastic photo.

Your Favorite Blog Posts

Based on traffic and mildly disturbing comments, these are your top five favorite posts for 2009.  Freaks.

That’s quite a blend, people – dead cats, my vagina, Mariah Carey, and technical difficulties.  I’m the one in therapy?  Sheesh.

Don Juan de Adorable
Don Juan de Adorable

Favorite Portrait Painted

I know, I know – I’ve been really sucky about updating you kids on the portrait project, but I’m apparently a ridiculously slow painter.  I get distracted by things like parties and wine and that weird patch of hair on my big toe.  Every time I finish a painting (ok, the TWO times I’ve finished a painting) I think, “Let me finish one more before I do an update.”  Suddenly its 2010 and I’m knee deep in canvas with very little to show for it.

That’s not true!  I’ve got Don Juan to show for it!

So Don Juan is my favorite portrait for 2009.  Look at that frickin’ grin, would ya?  I just want to gnaw on those chipmunk cheeks!

I tell you Interwebz, there are far worse ways to pass your time than trying to capture the innocent and heartfelt joy that this particular model oozes from every pore on his fantabulous body.  I seriously grinned and giggled with every stroke of the paint brush.  I’d almost paint him a second time if I didn’t have a stack of other portraits waiting to be tackled.

By the by, if you’d like to see what you’d look like if your image was broadcast on a TV that had been seriously altered with a magnet, send me a big ol’ high res photo and I’ll add you to my ever growing pile of “to be painted.”  Since I won’t be leaving the house again until May, I should have time to tackle more paintings in the coming months.  *Fingers crossed*

My Favorite Blog Posts

These are the posts that slipped under the radar of the blogosphere, but that somehow make me all squishy and puffy (in the good way) when I read them again.  So if you’re bored and want to make me feel even squishier and puffier, give them a read.

Ha!  Only ONE of my choices involves my vag.  Oh no wait, it’s really two of them.  Damn.  Looks like I’m a freak, too.  Then again, it is MY vag.  It should hold at least some interest for me, right?  What’s your excuse?

I suspect tomorrow will involve a wicked hangover or at least a general disinterest in creating something witty for the four people that surf the Interwebz on New Year’s Day, so no post for you.  You’ll just have to entertain yourself until Saturday.  Try finger puppets.

Happy New Years, Interwebz!  You’re my favorite.


  1. I respect puppets far too much to do that with them, but completely agree that the last year has been a disaster in both good and bad. On the good side, it was during 2009 that I found your blog and it made me smile, so thanks. In the event of zombie uprising, I’ll let you hideout in my boarded-up safe-house, cause we’re chums now.
    .-= KeepingYouAwake´s last blog ..Obligatory New Year’s Eve BS =-.

  2. That’s a fantastic painting! I can’t believe you took the time to create such a masterpiece and put me, little ole me, in your blog!!!

    Love you and your talented fingertips to the very end of their rapturous curlicue swirls!



  3. I count the day I stumbled upon your magnificent writings a huge thumbs up moment in 2009. And guess what? I fucking HAVE finger puppets. I’m playing with them right now.
    .-= Kelly´s last blog ..Happy New Year. =-.

    1. What a love fest! Right back atcha, Star Shine. I can’t wait to see your finger puppet reenactment of the Tiger and Elin Woods domestic dispute. Let me know when you get that posted, k?

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