Pennies From Heaven (ish)

As per usual, today’s post did not go as I planned.  Shocker.

In keeping with NoGoFreBouScanNoMo, I thought I’d sing a song from my soundtrack of sick.  “Pennies From Heaven” always makes me smile.  Always.  And when I’m distracted, I sometimes accidentally write “Penis From Heaven” which also makes me smile.  So really, it’s a double win.

Thing is, Mildred is turning into a real diva.  I don’t know how she knows when the camera is on, but nothing can keep her away.  Today was no exception.

And even though the last thing the world needs is more videos with cats in them, I made another one.  Because I could.  And really, she didn’t leave me much choice.  And I’m too lazy to record it again after spending three hours getting the effing camera to work.  Also I’m not at all sure why I wrote “effing” there.  Because my delicate, lady-like lips would never, EVER utter the actual f word.  Ahem.

Good thing that Mildred is cute.  Happy Friday!

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  1. Happy Friday to you too. You always brighten the day. Remember: “if cats could talk they wouldn’t” so I’m guessing your cat wanted to say the same thing.

  2. It sure made MY Friday happy. Mildred is a STAH darling, a STAH! It made her happy too is all. 🙂 I think really she was just trying to sabotage things by sticking her enticing cat butt in the camera but only managing the tail. Joke is on YOU, Mildred.

    Also, does someone MAKE capos for ukes? I only have a gigantic Godzilla guitar capo and need a tiny uke one so I don’t have to sing like my pants are too tight or transpose songs into chords that torture me? It’s so hard being me.

    1. Actually, this is a guitar capo but it’s nice and dainty. Like Herbert. And Rocco’s ankles. But they also make smaller ones for mandolins, etc. Herbert is too thick for that, though. Mine is made by SHUBB and cost like $20 or so. I lurv it because you can hand tighten it, too. When do we get to meet Hamish?

  3. At first I had a brain fart and wondered why on earth you were covering the most depressing Clapton song ever written. Then I came back to the actual planet on live on and was duly delighted, as I am every Friday.

  4. thank heaven herbert isn’t union; i was worried he was going to have the day off. (who the fuck puts semi-colons in comments?)

    and mildred is a sultry minx. she gives great bedroom tail.

  5. Oh mah gawd. I love your Unicorn shirt. I must have the Unicorn. Like always you are awesome and beautiful and I don’t mean that in a lesbian way. Just because I can totally respect beautiful women. Just sayin.

  6. dude, seriously, the moment I caught a glimpse of that unicorn tee, everything I was planning to say went straight out the window.

    ps…and I am totally kitten crushin’ on Mildred.

    pps…I have a great vagina-esque story to tell you, someday I’ll manage to email it to you.

      1. okay here is the cliffnotes version…
        basically there is a running joke in my house whenever I say “I’m going to go strum my guitar”, the guys (my husband and our roommate) jokingly say they know I’m really going to my room to play my hoohah. honestly I am a little angel and would never. So one day I talking about naming my new ukulele (oh yes, I bought a uke, and it’s all your fault.) well, my roommate pipes up and says “name it Vagina, so when you say you’re going to strum your vagina, we know you’re just playing your ukulele. but when you say you’re going to play your uke, we know to stay out of your bedroom.” ba dum ching!

          1. wait, do you want a video of me strumming my uke or my vagina? crap. I’m going to end up sending the wrong videos to the wrong people. this could get traumatic.

  7. I like the addition of the Buggin Word dancer to the weekly Uke broadcast. However, think Mildred want’s her own show. Perhaps she can call it “The Cone Kitty Cabaret.”

  8. It’s early and I’m bleary-eyed so I did a double take at your post title… For a second I saw “Penises from Heaven (ish)”. What does it say about me that that woke me up! 😀

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