You know what I have to say about new technology?


So I broke my video camera.  In other news, a friend gave me a new one because he rocks.  Two guesses as to how well that’s working out for me.

*slams head, tits, and video cameras against jungle-themed activity mat*

Well, it’s not a total fail.  I managed to get this video to work.  Sort of.

Also?  “Uke Rhymes with Puke” is now in HD.

So you can really enjoy the subtle nuances of my ‘stache.

You’re welcome.

Also?  Why is “paperweight” one word and “never mind” isn’t?  Also?  I don’t even remember what my also was going to be.  It’s been that kind of week.  Month.  Year, thus far.

How early is too early for MFBT?


  1. I think you should join the cast of “Glee!” You are an
    undiscovered star! #Really #Undiscovered

  2. I expected Mildred’s pounce into the playpen to be followed by a loud screech, and flying cat hair.I’m assuming Paul was elsewhere at the time.

  3. Never. Never is to early for MFBD. Quantity of MDBD might be an issue to consider, but the time frame of MFBD is just frame of mind. BTW, have you noticed how the comment section can become sort of like Hollywood Squares? Hi Absence up there, I see you and I agree. And I think you remind me of violets.

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