Paint By Numbers

I found this track via the “Dead Man on Campus” soundtrack.  No, I never saw the movie.  No, I have no intention of ever watching the movie.  No I don’t have the slightest idea what the plot is, or who’s in the cast of this flick.  Don’t care.  Don’t tell me.

I have absolutely no idea how the album came into my possession, honestly.  I’m not sure if it was a reject from the DJ slough bin back when I was working for WQFS.  Maybe I did some bartering with a contemporary at another label and received this in a random box of goodies.

Hell, I dunno when or where I got it.  I just know I dig it.  Well maybe not the entire album.  But Self’s track “Paint by Numbers” is kinda like eating a Spree a few hours after a spinach loaf lunch the day after Easter.  (Not a chewy Spree though.  Ew.)  You’re frickin’ tired of chocolate and ham.  Your teeth are wearing little sweaters.  It’s time for something different.  At the outset, you’re greeted with a deceptively sweet but refreshing flavor.  Suddenly the sour begins to emerge and you’re enjoying the ride far more than you expected.

“Take us to the moon, take us for a ride.”

I think it’s a great “bittersweet ditty” that totally encapsulates the summer’s saucy mood.  We hit ninety plus degrees here today and I’m so elated to hear a song fitting the mood.  This track would compliment any road trip ending at a body of water and keg of beer.

It is not, however, complimented by the next song that shuffles onto the playlist…”Just As I Am” from Air Supply.  Not even a little bit summery.