Packing Materials

Cottonelle Carnage
Cottonelle Carnage
Quilted Softness
Quilted Softness

How is it possible that I’m still not fully unpacked?  Regardless, I’m pretty sure there are boxes missing somehow.  Well, I do still have a mess of stuff in storage, but I could swear there’s still things missing from the last packing-of-doom.

So far it’s not been anything important, but there’s still something very disconcerting about loosing things in a move that never happened.  These boxes never left the apartment!  Granted there’s still two or three left so I’ll withhold my hysteria until all are emptied.  Still I’m awfully glad Lucy didn’t pick one of the Bermuda Triangle boxes to hide in.

I still can’t bring myself to go buy the everyday things you need in a house…like garbage bags and milk.  Fortunately we finally found the box where Rocco had packed the toilet paper.  Yes, he packed the toilet paper.  He was going to pay to keep a package of toilet paper in storage for a month plus.  I had been teasing him mercilessly about that decision until I opened the box.  He’d actually wedged the rolls in as cushioning around a television.  I take it back, Babe – it was brilliant.

Good news is now I get to delay a trip to the grocery store a little bit longer.  I can’t quite bring myself to switch the directional flow of materials in the apartment.  I feel like I should still be getting things out (boxes, trash, Goodwill donations) rather than bringing things in (groceries, dishwashers…and now closet organizers).

I’ll have trouble parting with our new mascot(tonelle), however.  I’ve grown rather attached to our Cottonelle Critter.  If I don’t make it to the store soon, he’s still getting offered to the toilet gods.  Though, I don’t see me getting his abdomen on the holder very successfully.

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